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VAT- Toynary F7 Cerise Clitoral Vibrator


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VAT- Toynary F7 Cerise Clitoral Vibrator

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Toynary F7 Cerise Clitoral Vibrator



Product Description



We all want the very best double dildo that we can have, and sometimes that means searching a little bit harder than we normally would. The best double dildo needs to have some versatility attached to it, and here we have a double dildo that might just be hitting the right buttons, the Toynary F7 cerise.


The Toynary F7's fantastic silicone attachment is completely body safe, but that’s not all. The unique attachment provides silky smooth stimulation to any part of the outer body. Rotating and swishing with an efficient ease, the Toynary F7 is an absolute godsend in the bedroom. 






  • Toynary F7 provides a rotational movement stimulator effect
  • Toynary F7 has 3 unique modes
  • Strong power with the spin
  • Toynary F7 made of medical grade silicone
  • Attachment be cleaned after detachment
  • Toynary F7 is suitable for anal or vaginal stimulation
  • Toynary F7 uses 2 AAA batteries


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