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Toynary DN01 Double Ended Dildo


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Toynary DN01 Double Ended Dildo

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Toynary DN01 Double Ended Dildo



Product Description



When it comes to ensuring that you get twice as much pleasure as you should sensibly expect, a good quality double dildo like Toynary DN01 is able to offer you a memorable experience. You can enjoy Toynary DN01 yourself (many people do) or you can invite a partner along to get the full sensuous experience. Caring is sharing after all.


With Toynary DN01 dildo you get a reasonably firm and stiff silicone casing, so you know you’re getting as close to male hardness as possible. A curve design on one end for G-spot stimulation is responded to by a ball shape, which makes Toynary DN01 perfectly good for anal and vaginal pleasure.






  • Quality silicone for Toynary DN01
  • Moderate hardness is something you can really appreciate at Toynary DN01
  • Durable double dildo leads to a long lifetime
  • G Spot curve end so both ends are different
  • Non tacky
  • Ball shape design of Toynary DN01 for anal or vaginal play
  • Toynary DN01 is suitable for men or women, woman private part or anal stimulation


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