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Tenga Rolling Head Cup Masturbator Male Sex Toy


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Tenga Rolling Head Cup Masturbator Male Sex Toy

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Tenga Rolling Head Cup Masturbator



Product Description



Perhaps the best thing about a good cup is the ‘soft and wet’ feel, and the Tenga Rolling Head Cup toy doesn’t disappoint in that department. The amazing Japanese company has been responsible for some of the most iconic toys in history, and the exciting and responsive Tenga Rolling Head Cup is destined to join those ranks. With a flexibility never realized before, the Tenga Rolling Head Cup gives you complete control over the sensations you enjoy. Tenga Rolling Head Cup offers a high quality experience, and one that will allow you to enjoy sensations that are different to what you are used to with cups.







  • Smooth pad insertion on Tenga Rolling Head Cup allows for soft and wet feeling
  • Air hole of Tenga Rolling Head Cup controls vacuum suction
  • Lubricant holder on Tenga Rolling Head Cup
  • 360 degree stimulation through the flexible Elastomer body
  • Power Ball gives aggressive, strong stimulus
  • size of Tenga Rolling Head Cup tube: 16 cm
  • Material: ABS (tube), silicone (inside)
  • Guaranteed no counterfeits
  • Insertion Depth: Approx. 90” (15cm)
  • Insertion Width: Approx. 1.77” (4.5cm)
  • Guaranteed no counterfeits
  • Frequently Asked Question For Tenga Cup Answers Immediately Here


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