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Tenga Iroha Mikazuki G-Spot Vibrator


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Tenga Iroha Mikazuki G-Spot Vibrator

139.00 AUD  149.95 AUD



Tenga Iroha Mikazuki G-Spot Vibrator



Product Description



Tenga Iroha Mikazuki g-spot vibrator has a thin, flexible crescent-shaped design. Tenga Iroha Mikazuki gently adapts to the female erogenous zones sending pleasurable sensations throughout your body.


Tenga Iroha Mikazuki is ergonomically designed to fit the contours of a woman's body, the soft and supple texture unique to Iroha's line of luxury massagers delivers the ultimate experience of indulgence.


How to use:

1. Press and hold the small button to turn off Tenga Iroha Mikazuki. Set the vibration mode in reverse order

2. Press and hold the large button to turn on Tenga Iroha Mikazuki. Adjust vibration mode from Low/Mid/High/Pulse






  • Tenga Iroha Mikazuki runs for up to 90 minutes at a time
  • Tenga Iroha Mikazuki has 4 different settings for vibration ensure variety and choice in your sex play
  • The SoftTouch material is unique in that it makes Tenga Iroha Mikazuki dust repellent
  • Measurement: 7” (17.78cm) x 1.5” (3.81cm) x 1” (2.54cm)
  • 1-year warranty


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