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Tenga Hole Warmer Water Based Lube


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Tenga Hole Warmer Water Based Lube

6.00 AUD



Tenga Hole Warmer Water Based Lube



Product Description



Use Tenga Hole Warmer just to ensure your sex toys (and sexy parts) are warm enough to enjoy the orgasm you are destined to have. High quality and inventiveness are what characterise Tenga Hole Warmer, and you can expect to have plenty of fun with it. Used to warm up any of those intensely satisfying male sex toys you have, Tenga Hole Warmer brings warmth to the toys that require you to insert yourself. Tenga Hole Warmer is designed to ensure that it’s kept at body warmth, which perfectly mimics the warmth of another’s intimate places.






  • Tenga Hole Warmer warms your toys to body temperature, perfectly mimicking the intimate places of a lover
  • Bend the metal disk inside until you see the Tenga Hole Warmer transform into a solid white stick
  • Easy to use and completely body safe for your hygiene and safety
  • Tenga Hole Warmer is fully reusable
  • Size: 0.62” (1.6cm) x 1.96” (5.0cm) x 7.55” (19.2cm)
  • Weight: 35g


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