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Tenga Egg Misty Masturbator


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Tenga Egg Misty Masturbator

14.00 AUD



Tenga Egg Misty Masturbator



Product Description



The only way the elastomer interior of the Tenga Egg Misty can be described is with one word: dimpled. The Tenga Egg Misty is designed purely to bring waves of incredible pleasure. A vast amount of bumps and nubs inside the amazing Tenga Egg Misty combine to bring you to a satisfying orgasm every time. Use the free lubrication that comes with the Tenga Egg Misty to get the inside into a suitably soft state, and then get ready for some smooth and sexy fun. Tenga Egg Misty can expand to 12 inches in length.






  •  Bumps and triangles inside Tenga Egg Misty stimulate
  • Inside of Tenga Egg Misty made of elastomer so you only feel soft and smooth
  • Body safe
  • Single use
  • Stretches to any size
  • Use without condom
  • Absolutely no latex in Tenga Egg Misty 
  • Submersible in water so clean and hygienic
  • Size: 2.08” (5.3cm) x 2.08” (5.3cm) x 2.75” (7cm)
  • Weight: 49g
  • Guaranteed no counterfeits
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