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Tenga Egg Lotion Water Based Lube


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Tenga Egg Lotion Water Based Lube

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Tenga Egg Lotion Water Based Lube



Product Description



When riding the peaks of passion, the last thing you need is a weak, watery lotion. Tenga Egg Lotion is no such thing, and is an amazing way to get lubed. Soft and smooth, the Tenga Egg Lotion is body safe, natural, and only meant for one thing: pure unadulterated orgasmic fun. Perfect for use with your Egg, you simply push out enough lotion using the amazing release technology built into the unit. Tenga Egg Lotion comes in a very generous 75 ml bottle so you don’t have to worry about running out of the good stuff. This Tenga Egg Lotion is a true luxurious delight.






  • Tenga Egg Lotion comes in a very generous 75 ml bottle
  • Simply squeeze out the amount you need using the unique push technology
  • A smooth glide with the Tenga Egg Lotion, even with using only a very small amount
  • Comes in Melty white or Air black
  • Guaranteed no counterfeits
  • Size: 1.22” (1cm) x 1.22” (3.1cm) x 5.27” (13.4cm)
  • Amount: 75ml


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