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Tenga 3D Zen Masturbator Male Sex Toy


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Tenga 3D Zen Masturbator Male Sex Toy

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Tenga 3D Zen Masturbator



Product Description



The Tenga 3D Zen has been created with circular fine ribs that are engraved around its surface for smooth pleasure. The delicate flows that climb these walls combine to create a consistent intertwining sensation, second to none. Tenga 3D Zen is easily cleaned and designed for hundreds of hours of pleasurable usage.


The Tenga 3D Zen has overall three-dimensional flow combined with the smooth fine ribs produce hugging swelling stimulation which almost defies imagination.







  • Spiral textures with this Tenga 3D Zen created with elastomer
  • Easy to clean Tenga 3D Zen for your comfort and hygiene
  • Responds to your temperature
  • Tenga 3D Zen is completely reusable
  • Lubricant is supplied so you can get started immediately
  • A solid case means Tenga 3D Zen is travel friendly too
  • Tenga 3D Zen fits any size of penis
  • Size: 2.85” (7.26cm) x 2.85” (7.26cm) x 6.16” (15.65cm) (with case)
  • Flip Hole Lotion best compliment when used together
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