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Tenga 3D Polygon Masturbator Male Sex Toy


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Tenga 3D Polygon Masturbator Male Sex Toy

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Tenga 3D Polygon Masturbator



Product Description



The Tenga 3D Polygon has multiple randomly constructed triangles embellishing its surface for extra pleasure. Like all Tenga 3D products, the Tenga 3D Polygon is re-usable and designed for hundreds of pleasurable usages. Tenga 3D Polygon is easliy cleaned and designed for hundreds of hours of pleasure.


The Tenga 3D Polygon has a three-dimensional polyhedron is constructed using a random triangle base. The Tenga 3D Polygon's raised edges and apex of the triangles provide a smooth feel and gives a surface with no irregularities. This allows a tightening strong firm hardness creating a sensation of depth rarely experienced.








  • You can use this Tenga 3D Polygon alone for masturbation, or with a partner
  • Can accommodate any size
  • Fully reusable
  • Tenga 3D Polygon is designed for use without a condom
  • Innovative style points make this a unique masturbation toy
  • Polygonal faces are slippery and add to the stimulation
  • Dimensions of the Tenga 3D Polygon(with case): 2.85” (26cm) x 2.85” (7.26cm) x 6.16” (15.65cm)
  • Flip Hole Lotion best compliment when used together
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Tenga 3D


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