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Tenga 3D Module Masturbator Male Sex Toy


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Tenga 3D Module Masturbator Male Sex Toy

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Tenga 3D Module



Product Description



Randomly elevated blocks adorn the walls of the sensual Tenga 3D Module. The protruding and receding blocks create a super sensitive but firm clinging sensation. Tenga 3D Module is easily cleaned and designed for hundreds of hours of pleasurable use.


The Tenga 3D Module is constructed with random three-dimensional block of differing height, the solid feel stimulation provided by the alternate low-rise blocks and high rise blocks is second to none. In addition Tenga 3D Module's block edges are designed to add greater intensity, and contrasting pleasure.








  • Thermoplastic interior of this Tenga 3D Module means soft and safe stimulation
  • The Tenga 3D Module is reusable and easy to clean leads to a long life
  • You may use Tenga 3D Module without a condom for extra sensation
  • Extremely soft and stretchy material
  • Tenga 3D Module comes in regular and hard editions
  • Size: 2.85” (7.26cm) x 2.85” (7.26cm) x 6.16” (15.65cm) (with case)
  • Flip Hole Lotion best compliment when used together
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