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  • Svakom Betty G-Spot Vibrator
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Svakom Betty G-Spot Vibrator


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Svakom Betty G-Spot Vibrator

99.00 AUD  139.95 AUD

  • Pale Pink
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Svakom Betty G-Spot Vibrator



Product Description



Svakom Betty is the Newest medium sized G-spot vibrator offering from SVAKOM Design USA Limited. Svakom Betty has a specifically designed ridged tip to focus on the G-spot. Svakom Betty accelerates and directs stimulation to where you need it most; your G-spot.  


Svakom Betty has 6 different vibrating modes, including SVAKOM’s ‘Intelligent Mode' which highly imitates the whole intimate process from the foreplay to climax. Simply press the Svakom Betty's S key and a wonderful sex journey awaits. From bashful foreplay, sexy teasing, strong pulsing, to multiple climaxes, Svakom Betty takes you from the beginning all the way to the end with perfect pulses. 


Svakom Betty is covered in the Softest Skin Like Medical grade silicone on the market. Svakom Betty is made of body-safe silicon to ensure safety while it sends you to the heights of ecstasy. Svakom Betty is 100% waterproof and has an IPX7 waterproof grading so you can have fun in the bathtub or swimming pool with no worries. Imagine you are lying in your cozy bathtub, Svakom Betty is doing her duty under the water, the ripple touches your skin like a gentleman. The sound of the water, the groaning of climax, your body trembling with excitement in the misty water. With Svakom Betty it just feels like heaven.  


Svakom Betty is fully rechargeable and will last hours before it needs to be recharged which means limitless pleasure for hours on an end.


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  • Svakom Betty is 100% waterproof
  • Svakom Betty has SVAKOM's Intelligent Mode, 6 different Vibrations
  • Svakom Betty is made of environmental friendly material
  • Svakom Betty is whisper quiet
  • Svakom Betty is rechargeable(Li-Ion battery, Charging time about 1.5 hrs, Usage time up to 3 hrs)
  • 1 year Warranty for your peace of mind



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