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Electrastim Single (Uni-Polar) Pinwheel


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Electrastim Single (Uni-Polar) Pinwheel

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Electrastim Single (Uni-Polar) Pinwheel



Product Description



Transform the way you enjoy erotic massage forever with this new kind of electro sex dildo, the ElectraStim pinwheel. This uni-polar electro sex dildo connects alongside any other ElectraStim electrode to enhance the effect of teasing your lover into erotic overdrive.

The wheel might look scary, but it's designed to be very lightly rolled across the surface of the skin, leaving a trail of goosebumps in its wake and sensitizing the skin to make every lingering touch feel more intense.

Use a little conductive gel to lubricate this electro sex dildo wheel before play and choose a complementing electrode like a cock ring or internal probe to really amp up the pleasure.







  • Our Wartenberg Wheel might look a little intimidating, but it’s the ideal electro sex dildo to help you explore sensory play with your partner. The wheel at the tip is detailed with small, sharp points that induce pleasurable goosebumps when they’re gently rolled over the skin. Be soft and teasing with your movements and you’ll trigger erotic shivers that can increase your lover’s physical sensitivity and improve their sensory response.


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