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VAT- Kheper Games Shot Shaker Adult Novelties


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Kheper Games

VAT- Kheper Games Shot Shaker Adult Novelties

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How do you know who thinks that they are one of the elite sexy people in the room? Only one way for sure, with the Shot Shaker, expertly mixing and preparing your shots and then deciding who can partake. Put your mix inside and then shake it up, when done, your shooter will be ready for whomever the side of the Shaker decides. Are you a bitch? Prepare to drink it down when it’s your turn and hope that the shooter inside the Shaker is something tasty. Great fun for any party and will be an essential part of your bar for several reasons. Keep it on hand as your regular drink mixer. If you are going out to the bar and want to keep playing, you can take it along and use it to determine, who takes the next shot. It will hold over the standard 1.5 ounces that comprise a standard shot size, giving you enough to fill up two shot glasses. You can use the Shot Shaker at home alone, but it will be far more fun when you add another person or two, or twenty. Liven things up when you get to tease the other players for not taking a drink, making sure they know that everyone thinks they are one of the bitches.


Unscrew the top, choose a recipe, add your shooter mix, screw the lid back on and shake. You'll see through the window on the side just who gets to drink next. It could be everyone, the bitches, the sluts, the sexy people. You can let everyone determine for themselves, or let the guests decide who is who. Safe to mix your drinks in and easy to wash and use over and over again.

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