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VAT- PicoBong ZIZO Innie G-Spot Vibrator


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VAT- PicoBong ZIZO Innie G-Spot Vibrator

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PicoBong ZIZO Innie



Product Description



Created by one of the best known names in the world of adult sex toys and lifestyle sex toys, this wonderful PicoBong ZIZO vibrator is designed to bring high-quality and exhilarating sexual experiences for anyone who uses it. Perfectly contoured so it is designed to get right into the most amazingly sexual parts of your body, PicoBong ZIZO will soon become your best friend as it works hard to tease you to levels you’ve never known before. Take one of these for a ride and you won’t want to come back, with fantastic quality regarding the build and the durability of this unit, PicoBong ZIZO will be your friend for life.

Don’t let the minimalist design of PicoBong ZIZO fool you. PicoBong ZIZO is perfectly ready for action and will deliver all the right bits of fun and pleasure at all the right places. If you’re a novice to vibrators, PicoBong ZIZO is the perfect companion. If you’re experienced and looking for a new thrill, enjoy the unique design of this PicoBong ZIZO vibrator, and work out ways to take yourself to those fantastic pleasure zones. You’ll be glad you did, and it’s even more fun if someone else is there to enjoy PicoBong ZIZO with you.






  • Classic curve design so PicoBong ZIZO knows where to hit spot
  • 12 vibration patterns on PicoBong ZIZO vibrator ensure that you never run out of ideas
  • PicoBong ZIZO has an incredibly easy to use interface, so you’re never confused when it comes to having fun
  • Completely waterproof, PicoBong ZIZO is one of the safest Picobong vibrators around
  • A truly quiet yet powerful motor, you’ll never wake the neighbours with PicoBong ZIZO
  • A 1 year warranty
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