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PicoBong Koa Ring Bullet Vibrator


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PicoBong Koa Ring Bullet Vibrator

69.95 AUD  74.95 AUD

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PicoBong Koa



Product Description



Created by a company that produces high quality sex toys that genuinely help people find the sexual pleasure they crave, this PicoBong Koa mini bullet vibrator will develop incredibly pleasurable situations for you no matter where you use it. Designed to mold to him and connect with her the flex-fitting ring of this PicoBong Koa vibrator is guaranteed to make everybody happy. With plenty of power packed into PicoBong Koa's small dimensions, this unique unit will bring you sensations that you will only ever have dreamt of experiencing before. Small but mighty, PicoBong Koa is one of the must have mini bullet vibrators in the world of sensational sex toys from this recognized and respectable manufacturer.

A nearly silent motor ensures PicoBong Koa vibrator really does things in a discreet way. You can obviously use PicoBong Koa on your own but it really brings maximum pleasure when you’re playing with a partner. The man gains whole new levels of pleasure, while the woman joins in the fun effortlessly. There is a huge level of control too, so you can even play roles if you wish to. PicoBong Koa is one of those vibrators that you wish you had years ago, but don’t worry, there’s still time.






  • 2 hours play from one single battery on this amazing Picobong Koa mini bullet vibrator
  • 12 different vibration settings means that you can tailor your experience so that you and your partner get the maximum enjoyment with PicoBong Koa
  • The Picobong Koa is waterproof and made of the finest FDA approved siliscone
  • The discreet yet powerful motor of PicoBong Koa combines perfection in every vibration
  • A 1 year warranty is provided with PicoBong Koa
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