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Nalone Electro Magic Wand


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Nalone Electro Magic Wand

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Nalone Electro Magic Wand



Product Description



The Nalone Electro is designed for an all-over body massage. The elegant Nalone Electro massager has a powerful motor and a hidden secret!


Nalone have introduced the technology of Electro Magnetic Pulse into the head. This produces an intense micro current which stimulates your most sensitive nerve endings to heighten sensation levels.


Key Product Features:


Silicone and metal combine to send waves of powerful vibration and electric pulses to intimate spots and tired muscles for a whole new level of stimulation. With Electro Magnetic Pulse technology, the Nalone Electro wand vibrator leads the way in innovative pleasure.


A USB rechargeable vibrator with travel-friendly proportions, the Nalone Electro wand also contains dual motors and the unique addition of Electro Magnetic Pulse technology for exciting thrills.


How to use your Nalone Electro Wand


  • Take hold of the Nalone Electro Wand's ergonomic handle and press the bottom button to kick-start the vibrations located in the ergonomic handle. Press again to explore the speeds and patterns, gliding the smooth metal underside over tense muscles and along your inner thigh to build up your excitement levels.


  • Press the second button up to start the powerful vibrations in the head of the wand vibrator and again to explore the full array of 3 speeds and 4 patterns.


  • Unleash the intense electric micro current in the tip of the waterproof Nalone Electro by pressing the top 2 buttons (one switches on the Electro Magnetic Pulse technology and the other button controls the intensity level of the current).


  • Enjoy a choice of just one or all 3 vibration/electro current settings in the Nalone Electro wand handle and head at the same time for incredible all-encompassing sensations, whether you're simply holding the Nalone Electro wand or directing it towards your sensitive nerve endings.







  • Nalone Electro vibrating wand uses electromagnetic pulse technology
  • Nalone Electro has 7 stimulation modes for an enormous variety in your sex play
  • The Nalone Electro is 100% waterproof
  • Nalone Electro has an ergonomic design for your pleasure
  • Nalone Electro is rechargeable so you won’t be caught short anywhere
  • Nalone Electro in a stunning satin-lined box that is sure to make you feel special
  • Nalone Electro wand has 1 year Nalone warranty
  • Nalone Electro wand has dual motors for a lot of power
  • Silicone over an ABS core
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