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  • Lingox Lubricant 100ml Water Based Lube
Lingox 100ml Water Based Lube


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Lingox 100ml Water Based Lube

19.95 AUD



Lingox 100ml Water Based Lube



Product Description



Lingox Lube is a high quality personal lubricant, manufactured under the rules of Good Manufacturing Practices of the European Union (GMP). It also holds the CE mark certifying its conformity with the European Union Legislation. Indicated for use in the penis and/or vagina, Lingox Lube has been designed to wet and lubricate the intimate areas. It increases and facilitates the contact and sexual relationships, being the perfect complement to the natural lubrication of the body. Do not hesitate to use Lingox Lube for erotic and sensual massages as well.






  • Lingox Lube is compatible with latex condoms of natural rubber.
  • Use it in all your Lingox toys and other products for adults. Use it totally safe in your relationships.
  • Dermatologically tested. Paraben free. Latex free. Respects the physiological pH. No greasy. It does not stain. It can be easily removed with water.
  • Lingox Lube, highest quality and safety for your intimate pleasure...because you know that not all lubricants are the same.


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