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Liberator Doggy Rider


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Liberator Doggy Rider

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Liberator Doggy Rider



Product Description



Spice up your doggie style. Take control for deeper penetration and an intense G-Spot stimulation with Liberator Doggy Rider.


The Liberator Doggy Rider alleviates some of the pressure from your back that is normally needed to get the most out of this position, transferring the pressure to your guns. To saddle up with the Liberator Doggy Rider, simply wrap the strap around the hips of your partner as she waits for you on all fours. With each thrust of your hips, tug on the strap. Doggy-style is now a full-body expression of love, taking pressure off of your back and letting you go longer and harder. Padded with a plush microfiber leopard print, the Liberator Doggy Rider will bring out her animal side as it caresses her hips.

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