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Lelo Sensua Suede Whip


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Lelo Sensua Suede Whip

71.00 AUD  74.95 AUD

  • Red
  • Purple
  • Black


Lelo Sensua Suede Whip



Product Description



The tasselled suede whip for assertive moments, Lelo Sensua Suede Whip gives you a more daring approach to bedroom intimacy.

The soft and supple suede tassels, alongside the polished metal and acrylic handle, make the Lelo Sensua Suede whip a stylish addition to any collection - use Lelo Sensua Suede whip it to regularly seduce or surprise your partner in all the ways you see fit.







  •  Luxuriously touchable materials - the Lelo Sensua Suede whip is made of luxurious cow suede leather – perfect for applying a soft or firm touch
  • A stylish addition to bedroom play - Lelo Sensua Suede is available in sensual shades of red, purple, and black
  • Your gateway to new pleasures - Lelo Sensua Suede whip is ideal for novice and experienced couples alike
  • Give or receive, the choice is yours - play around with different roles to entertain your desires with Lelo Sensua Suede whip
  • Tip: Pair your Lelo Sensua Suede Whip with Boa Pleasure Ties or Intima Silk Blindfold as you make the choice to give or receive in whatever role that entertains your desires
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