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Lelo Luna Beads Ben Wa Balls


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Lelo Luna Beads Ben Wa Balls

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Lelo Luna Beads Ben Wa Balls



Product Description



Lelo Luna Beads ™ are the world’s bestselling Kegel weights system. Available in two sizes – Classic and Mini - they ensure every woman finds her perfect fit for the most effective pelvic floor workout.


The Lelo Luna Beads is an elegant update on the classic 'ben wa balls' offers users longer, stronger, more attainable orgasms; and used in accordance with instructions  can be an effective pelvic floor workout. They are also the only Kegel exercise system to give the option of mixing and matching weights; each set includes two 28g and two 37g beads which can be combined in the silicone harness for a more tailored routine.








  • Kegels: the ultimate pelvic floor workout - proven sensual benefits for women of all ages
  • Maximum results with minimum effort - inner balls move as you move, prompting pelvic floor contractions
  • Varied weights to tailor your routine - mix and match weights to build strength over time
  • The Lelo Luna Beads is simple to use and totally discreet - exercise at home, at work or on the go
  • Ultra-safe, comfortable and hygenic - easy cleaning with smoothest ABS shell
  • Unrivaled quality and assurance - 1-year LELO warranty and 10-year quality guarantee
  • Classic Size: Ø 35 mm

  • Guidelines Only: LUNA Beads™ are recommended for women over 30 years old and/or women who have experienced childbirth.

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