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JimmyJane Hello Touch Clitoral Vibrator


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JimmyJane Hello Touch Clitoral Vibrator

89.00 AUD  110.00 AUD





Drive your partner absolutely wild with the Jimmyjane Hello Touch fingertip vibrator. That’s right, this is all about touch. Once you slip these babies on, you’re going to take your Special Person to a whole new level of sexual excitement. But there is a little added extra on this particular hello touch vibrator set that makes it even better value.


These fingertips are tiny. That means that you can get to the most intimate of places with ease, and ramp up the pleasure. Or tease your lover with small and delicate touches on spots all over their body. Watch as their body pulses and shivers with delight as you run your Jimmyjane fingers all up and down their spine, or certain other areas. Perfect for clitoral stimulation, this hello touch vibrator set is all about sexual ecstasy.


This is pure pleasure, all wrapped up in the smallest fingertip hello touch vibrator set on the market. Totally discrete, who’s to stop you taking things public? Once you’ve tried this Jimmyjane fingertip sensation, you’ll find it hard to imagine life without it.




  • Two vibration pods enclosed in a silicone pad, which can be worn in multiple configurations, extending and diversifying your pleasure
  • Jimmyjane Hello Touch vibrator is the most compact on the market, but with 3 times more power
  • Dual motors encased within the most complete vibrating unit. As close to vibrating fingers as technically possible
  • Completely ready for travel, a highly portable unit
  • Can be worn on the back of the fingers so that the fingers themselves vibrate, allowing extra sensitivity and stimulation
  • Perfect for couples play
  • Completely body-safe and free from Phthalates
  • 100% Water resistant
  • Jimmyjane Hello Touch vibrator benefits from a 3 year limited warranty
  • Batteries included – runs up to 6 hours on 2 AAA batteries


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