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VAT- JimmyJane Contour Massage Stone


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VAT- JimmyJane Contour Massage Stone

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JimmyJane Contour Massage Stone



Product Description



Brought to you by one of the most famous lifestyle sex toy manufacturers on the planet, the JimmyJane Contour stone will bring you hours of delicious sexual pleasure. It’s a whole lot of exciting fun packed into one single massage stone. It is a real joy to use JimmyJane Contour massage stone. Simple to get started with and even easier to become addicted to, this JimmyJane Contour massagers is one of the most desirable in the entire range. And you can have a piece of the action too. This JimmyJane Contour ceramic massage stone combines the professional feel of a massage stone with the developed contours of a true lifestyle gift.

Use the large dome that the JimmyJane Contour stone carries for long, sensual strokes, and then turn the unit over to find four specific massage nodes that can help you drive your lover wild. JimmyJane Contour is a truly revolutionary massage stone that will transform the way you enjoy sensual massage in your next play session. Your lover will be thrilled. When you use JimmyJane Contour, you will be pulled towards a relaxing but intense orgasm as it glides over your skin.






  • This JimmyJane Contour massage stone is the recipient of an IDEA award, a guarantee of high quality lifestyle sex toys
  • It uses double fired biocompatible porcelain that is 100% body safe
  • The JimmyJane Contour stone can be warmed or cooled. It all depends on what you want
  • The JimmyJane Contour massage stone has been ergonomically created, so there is less strain on your wrist and your hand
  • Completely non-porous, it is easy to keep clean so you have complete peace of mind
  • Dimensions – 3.5" x 3.5" x 3.75" (8.89cm x 8.89cm x 9.52cm) at its widest point


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