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Je Joue Ami Ben Wa Balls


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Je Joue

Je Joue Ami Ben Wa Balls

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Je Joue Ami Ben Wa Balls



Product Description


Enjoy deeper, richer orgasms with the world’s first progressive Kegel set, the Je Joue Ami. With three progressive weights – from soft weight single ball to hard and heavy double ball – Je Joue Ami enhances pelvic fitness, allowing deeper and more intense orgasms alongside a range of health benefits, all at a self-selected pace.






  • 5 Speeds 7 Patterns
  • Je Joue Ami is quiet
  • Je Joue Ami is bodysafe
  • Je Joue Ami is waterproof
  • Je Joue Ami is rechargable

 Information Sheet, please click here


How it Works

Je Joue Ami isn’t just one Kegel exerciser, but three – making it a totally unique way to tone up your pelvic floor.

We’ve taken cues from the best medical and pleasure products on the market, to create a personal workout program that’s a whole lot more enjoyable than the gym.

Je Joue Ami 1 is a large, soft and lightweight single ball. If you’re new to Kegel exercise products or you’re out of practice, we recommend starting here.

Je Joue Ami 2 is a medium-sized double ball that’s still soft, yet slightly heavier. Start with Ami 2 if exercising with Ami 1 doesn’t challenge you enough.

Je Joue Ami 3 is a small, hard and heavy double ball – this is the most advanced Je Joue Ami for experienced users.

Beginners should start with Je Joue Ami 1, and gradually be able to progress to Je Joue Ami 2 and Je Joue Ami 3 as the muscle strength improves.

We recommend to wear them 2 to 3 times a week for about 20 mins to start and increase the frequency.

Coat your Je Joue Ami with generous amounts of water-based lubricant before you begin exercising.

There are many different Kegel exercises, and some may suit you more than others. Please check our manual for more info.

Creative Tips

Your PC muscle - Pubococcygeus (PC muscle) is the hammock-like muscle that stretches from your pubic bone to coccyx, supporting your pelvic organs and internal genitalia.

A strong PC muscle is the key to more intense orgasms and greater urinary control, as well as helping during childbirth. Kegel exercises (named after the Amercian gynaecologist, Dr. Kegel, who popularised these in the 1970s) are designed to tone and strengthen your PC muscle. With Je Joue Ami, these exercises become simple, easy and pleasurable.

Pleasure for you

Using Je Joue Ami regularly will tone and strengthen your PC muscle, so you can enjoy enhanced sensitivity and more intense, easy-to-achieve orgasms. What’s more, each Je Joue Ami contains little balls that rumble around inside you, creating a discreet, arousing sensation even while you’re working out.

Pleasure for him

If you have a male partner, Je Joue Ami can lead to a whole new sexual experience when you use your improved PC muscle to grip and tease his penis during intercourse.


We might not talk about it as much as we perhaps should, but many women experiencea degree of urinary incontinence at some point in their lives. With Je Joue Ami, you can strengthen the PC muscle to improve bladder control.


Using Je Joue Ami before you get pregnant can protect your vagina by preparing the PC muscle for delivery. After birth, Je Joue Ami can speed up vaginal recovery, and the enhanced tightness you’ll achieve will increase sensitivity for you and your partner during sex.


Strengthening your PC muscle can enhance your natural vaginal lubrication, sexual response and urinary control during the physiological changes of menopause.

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