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Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator


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Fun Factory

Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator

175.00 AUD  259.95 AUD

  • Indigo
  • DeepPink


Fun Factory Stronic Eins Pulsator



Product Description




A strong toy for even stronger pleasure, the FUN FACTORY STRONIC EINS is a real womanizer with its elegant, ergonomic design and pulsating technology.


The straight form with a substantial volume stimulates the G-spot with thrusts while the slight curve delivers stimulating impulses to the outer erogenous zones. FUN FACTORY STRONIC EINS is the perfect pleasure maker for sophisticated connoisseurs – for those who think intensity is a question of power not pace!




A whole new kind of stimulation – instead of vibrating, this new kind of toy pulsates with powerful waves which deliver a real treat especially at the lowest frequencies. The powerful, naturalistic pulses are strong, unique but familiar as well. The innovative motor technology, in which solid metal moves in a hollow body, produces a pulsating, deep and thrusting rhythm. The easy-to-use control unit 'PRESS FUN TO PLAY” is refreshingly new. With the stylish and shiny but discretely lit buttons it is easy to select from the ten different programs. The FUN button makes it easy to turn on and off at any time. Plus the key lock promises 'peace and quiet” when on the road. The PULSATOR – the dawn of a new love toy. Free Catalog.








  • This Pulsator is the closest thing you will get to deep thrusting movements inside you when it comes to sex toys
  • FUN FACTORY STRONIC EINS is Crafted in 100% silicone, it is medically safe and smooth
  • There are ten thrusting settings, so you can bank on this for being one of the most exciting sex toys you have ever used
  • It has a key lock so you can carry it discreetly
  • Quick to switch off with one FUN button "Immediate STOP"
  • FUN FACTORY STRONIC EINS is 100% waterproof and easy to clean
  • Length is 9.37” (23.8cm) and width is 1.37” (3.5cm)
  • For vaginal use
  • 1 year warranty for your peace of mind


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