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Fun Factory Stronic Drei Sex Toy


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Fun Factory

Fun Factory Stronic Drei Sex Toy

199.00 AUD  259.95 AUD

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Fun Factory Stronic Drei



Product Description




With its slightly bent shape the Fun Factory STRONIC DREI stimulates the g-spot while the thicker toy end arouses the clitoris. The holding support makes it possible to safely use for anal fun.


Not that the Fun Factory STRONIC DREI could replace your lover – but not much is missing when this powerful Strong Sex Toy with its ten finely tuned, exciting stimulation levels brings you to climax, thrust for thrust, both vaginally and anally. The rhythmic back and forth movements are not only surprisingly new, but also extremely naturalistic and thrilling – for both men and women!


With its slightly bent shape, the Fun Factory STRONIC DREI stimulates the g-spot or the prostate in a variety of ways. Gently increasing, wild, massive or pumping. Every ridge on the silicone shaft boosts the thrilling sensation that Fun Factory STRONIC DREI gives – from lightly stimulating to really exciting! A thicker element at the end of the toy promises real pleasure and pampers the clitoris, perineum or the anus. Free Catalog.








  • Easy operation with one button to command everything
  • You can use the lock function for discreet carrying of the Pulsator
  • Fun Factory STRONIC DREI is 100% waterproof so it is fun and hygienic
  • Ten stimulation rhythms
  • Wonderful back and forth movements characterize this most exciting of sex toys
  • You gain thrusting motions that make this Pulsator a unique one
  • Fun Factory STRONIC DREI is 100% medical grade silicone is clean, soft and safe
  • Size 9.4” (23.9cm), width is 1.57” (4.0cm)
  • The Fun Factory STRONIC DREI sex toy comes with a 12 months warranty

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