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Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5 G-Spot Vibrator


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Fun Factory

Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5 G-Spot Vibrator

135.00 AUD  169.95 AUD

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Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5 G-Spot Vibrator



Product Description



This delightful ladies's man is already one of our true classics.  With his sweet little snub nose, Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5 is always sure to find your G-spot, providing intense and thrilling stimulation, time after time. The individual ripples on his body promise exciting sensations when inserting. "Patchy Paul" really knows women and fulfills every wish with lots of charm and a powerful motor.


The Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5 technology provides up to twice the power of the G4 model with greater vibration provided throughout the shaft, not the handle.  Also includes FlexiFUN technology, which means extremely flexible 100% medical-grade silicone all the way to the core plus a key lock for worry-free travel and a battery level indicator so users will never be surprised by a delay in play!


With a total of 12 vibration programs ensures with its decisiveness and flexibility for new impulses in your love life like never before  – whether on a solo tour or with a partner.


The ergonomic control unit with the LOOP, the little cutout in the handle, rests perfectly in the user's hand. The index finger is looped through the silver ring to hold it, then the toy rests in the palm and the three touch buttons of the PRESS FUN TO PLAY controls can be intuitively controlled with the thumb. Navigating is then easy and comfortable with the + and – buttons. The red FUN button starts and stops Patchy Paul's amorous discovery tour with just one click.


The Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5 powerful motor is designed to allow direct energy transfer into the silicone shaft. The intense vibrations are distributed without any drop in strength throughout the entire shaft right to the tip of the toy. A battery level display ensures that Patchy Paul doesn't run out steam at just the wrong moment. The QuickSTOP function using the FUN button stops any secret adventures in half a second.


Plus the key lock means the Patchy Paul G5 can leave home, traveling the world discreetly in a handbag or suitcase. He loves vacations on the beach where this waterproof vibrator can be completely submerged and promises thrills under the waves.


So just let yourself go; with the Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5 you will conquer the peak of passion. Whether climbing mountains or riding the waves, Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5 is the right partner for intimate and intense moments. 


And the best part – he is just as diverse in his play as he is reliably in the know about what every woman wants. Time and time again!  








  • BIG: impressive, rechargeable vibrator
  • Strong: Optimized distribution of vibrations through the shaft right to the toy end – 25% more intensity
  • FlexiFUN Technology: Particularly flexible shaft made of stable silicone which readily adapts to the body and its movements. For a pleasant focus on all the body's erogenous hot spots and for a variety of positions for HER
  • Powerful: 6 vibration rhythms and 6 vibration intensities
  • Deep frequency yet very quiet motor
  • The curious little nose finds the G-spot practically all on his own
  • Ridging around the tapered silicone shaft makes vaginal insertion especially arousing
  • Very comfortable handling by inserting the index finger through the LOOP in the control unit
  • Right or left handed users can both control with ease
  • Intuitive control of the six vibration intensities and six vibration rhythms with the thumb: PRESS FUN TO PLAY!
  • QuickSTOP: immediate off switch with the FUN button
  • Fun Factory Patchy Paul G5 equipt with key lock for discrete travel
  • Battery level display
  • Rechargeable with the USB MAGNETIC CHARGER included
  • 100% waterproof
  • Made in Germany
  • Made of 100% medical-grade silicone – body-friendly and odorless Velvety surface
  • Easy to clean with TOYCLEANER or water and mild soap
  • Size: 23,0 cm - Ø 2,8 – 4,4 cm 
  • 1 year warranty for your peace of mind.



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