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Electrastim Electra Paddle


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Electrastim Electra Paddle

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With two distinct sensations to explore, the Electro Paddle is perfect for spanking play. One side is smooth leather, allowing you to use it as a traditional spanker while the other boasts bi-polar contacts that can be massaged over the buttocks and thighs to prolong the spanking after glow.

There are a trio of metal contacts on the Electro Paddle side. Plug both 2mm pins on your stimulator connecting cable to activate all 3 or connect a single pin to stimulate using the top and bottom contacts, or just the centre contact (for more intense sensation).

To really amp up the fun, use the Electro Paddle alongside an insertable electrode or a cock ring. They'll feel sensation in their intimate areas as well as in the spanking zone when the Electro Paddle makes contact. Kinky!

Please note: You will need some electro-conductive gel to effectively conduct stimulation.






  • Discover a new way to explore your pleasure/pain boundaries with our first purpose-made Electro Paddle. Mixing the delicious bite of metal contacts with a smooth leather finish, this Electro Paddle has two distinct textures for you to explore. Connect the bi-polar contacts to one of our stimulators for an intensified sapank that feels different to everything you’ve tried before.


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