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  • Bettie Page- Longing For Leather Bullwhip Black
  • Bettie Page- Longing For Leather Bullwhip Black In Collectors Box
  • Bettie Page- Longing For Leather Bullwhip Black Collectors Box
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Bettie Page Longing For Leather BullWhip


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Bettie Page

Bettie Page Longing For Leather BullWhip

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Bettie Page Longing For Leather BullWhip



Product Description



Bettie Page Bullwhip leather in black lets you assert your control in a beautiful manner. The Bettie Page Bullwhip is a luxurious bondage sex toy which delivers long lasting stings to your partner's skin with the help of its tear drop top. Bettie Page Bullwhip offers full command over the level of intensity because of its powerful handle, which ensures a strong grip.


Highly flexible, the Bettie Page Bullwhip Black is 69.8 cm in length if measured from the tip to its handle. Bettie Page Bullwhip also comes with a wrist strap which allows you to indulge in confident with firm swings.


You can utilize the Bettie Page Bullwhip on yourself first in order to check its power. If you want to master in using bullwhips, you will need some time to practice before you use them with your partner. You can get maximum pleasure from the play by combining the use of Bettie Page Bullwhip with blindfold and rope. Bettie Page Bullwhip is part of an exclusive collection of sex toys. Do not wait! Grab your Bettie Page Bullwhip today if you want to have ultimate pleasure having sex with your lover!


When you restrict movement and sight of your partner, Bettie Page Bullwhip intensifies the sensation and gives more pleasure to the couple during sexual play.




  • Length:            Bettie Page Bullwhip is 69.8 cm long
  • Material:          High quality luxuries leather
  • Touch:             Soft high end material finish
  • Collector:         Bettie Page Key chain & card
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