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Take Sex To A New Dimension With The Liberator Wedge

Posted: Mar 29 2016

Take Sex To A New Dimension With The Liberator Wedge

Getting tired during sex, or just plain lazy; then sex furniture is definitely something you should be looking at. Sex furniture has always been in the shadows compared to the more popular and convenient sex toys, but we hope that the Liberator Wedge will give you for sex furniture, like what dildos did for sex toys. This one’s slated to become the most popular sex device in the market. With its simple design, subtle slope and firm feel, the Liberator Wedge is going to give sex furniture the limelight it deserves.

The Simplest No-Nonsense Sexual Aid of Its Times

Whether you’re looking for that added support during missionary or anal sex, or just something to spice up your bedroom antics, the Liberator Wedge is the perfect device. This one’s already got the attention of bedroom adventurers looking for a comfortable angle for sex or oral, ensuring comfort for both parties. The Liberator Wedge isn’t just about comfort, as it can also be used to experiment with new positions, easing the angle of penetration to ensure maximum penetration The device is designed in such a way that it allows for better G-spot stimulation. The Liberator Wedge should be seen as a sex enhancer rather than a full-fledged sex toy, as it adds a kick to your pelvic thrust.

About Liberator – The Makers of the Wedge

Liberator is a US-based organization that is famous for its specialty bedroom adventure gear. The company is responsible for the development and sale of a number of innovative sex aids, with the Liberator Wedge being their latest offering. The company has been soliciting feedback from its customers to constantly improve their products and the services they provide. Liberator has been a pioneer in the sex furniture industry for over 12 years now, and has managed to create a truly unique product in the form the Wedge.

The Liberator Wedge – Know Your Toy

Revolutionary Liberator Wedge

The Liberator Wedge is literally a thick foam wedge device that was specifically designed to provide comfort and lumbar support for couples engaging in sexual activities. It might not have the catchiest name nor is it a very innovative device, but the Liberator Wedge is a result of years of research into the development of a portable piece of sex furniture that has multiple uses.

This not-so subtle sex aide stands at a height of 7 inches, has an approximate length of 24 inches, and a width of about 14. The device is angled at 27-degrees, which is said to be the optimum angle for deep penetration. The material of the wedge is made up of high-density foam that is both durable and comfortable for prolonged use. Apart from its aesthetics, that company that manufactures the Wedge, packages and ships the product in an environmentally friendly eco-compression package, which is said to reduce wastage and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Liberator Wedge

Design and Function of The Scientifically Designed Wedge

Scientifically Designed Wedge

The Liberator produces the Wedge in a number of colors, and even launched a heart shaped wedge on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. The Wedge is also available as a wedge/ramp combo, an ideal solution for those of you who are bored of having sex on a conventional bed. The basic Liberator Wedge comprises of three different aspects; the foam wedge itself, the moisture-proof polyester liner (for obvious reason), and a super-soft microfiber cover that adds a rich feel to the overall experience. The microfiber cover is also very skin friendly, providing a very comfortable experience even for first-time users, and can easily be wiped clean, or machine washed after use.

The Wedge appears to be very firm and you might think that it will be uncomfortable at first, but the soft and durable feel makes for an accommodating experience. It’s substantial but also very light and is generally well-made for its purpose. You can certainly tell that Liberator know what they’re doing.

Because the Wedge is literally an angled piece of foam what you take from the Wedge is what you put into it, and the ideas are almost limitless. Liberator is kind enough to give you a few suggestions, though, and the Wedge is recommended for enhanced oral, anal, doggy and cowgirl style (among others). The Wedge comes with a little booklet illustrating how to position the Wedge for some of these styles and they’re all very easy to follow.

Why the Liberator Wedge?

Not to say that it was designed for lazy couples, but the Wedge promises to provide users with a level of comfort that allows you to go longer, without suffering from position fatigue or getting a cramp at the wrong moment. The revolutionary Liberator Wedge offers the comfort of a sex bed, without the expense or the bulk that comes with your typical sex furniture.

Other benefits of the Wedge include:

  • Enhances sex positions
    • Provides unparalleled support for comfortable sex
    • Dense foam ensures durability

    If you’ve ever struggled with new positions, or just didn’t find them comfortable enough, the Liberator Wedge is a great way to help you get out of your comfort zone and try out new positions.

Tips for Optimum Usage

Liberator wedge a unique piece of sex furniture

Although the wedge is a truly unique piece of sex furniture, it is an acquired taste and is best suited for:

  • People who like having elevated sex.
  • People who want assistance or support for certain positions.
  • People who love experimenting with new angles.

The Liberator Wedge’ unique shape offers added height for all those naughty sex positions that you’ve always wanted to have but weren’t confident about at the time. The Unique Selling Proposition of the Wedge is for women, who enjoy the feeling of deeper penetration at an extra height. The Wedge is also a sensational device for those who love oral sex, allowing them to perform oral at a much more relaxed position.

Additionally, the Liberator Wedge also acts as the perfect female masturbation tool, giving you the perfect angle for you to enjoy all those amazing sex toys that you’ve bought for yourself.

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