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Buy Sex Toys Online For Your Private & Personal Care

Posted: Mar 16 2016

Buy Sex Toys Online For Your Private & Personal Care

As people become more expressive and adventurous about the whole ode of sexuality, sex toys are becoming less of a taboo and more of a lifestyle choice. The surge in online sales of sex toys is an obvious evidence for the same. By enabling people to buy sex toys of their choice without having to visit some shady adult store hidden in some dark alleys, online sex toys stores are bringing a positive change in the lives of people who wish to explore their sexualities. Online sex toy stores ensure that sex toy shoppers are now afforded the discretion and freedom to choose whatever sex toy that suits their taste and preferences. Recent surveys have even revealed that 1 in 2 women and 1 in 5 men own at least one sex toy. Let’s take a look at the various benefits of sex toys, and why you should buy them online, from the comfort of your own home.

Buy Sex Toys Online Introduction

Top Reasons For You to Bring Home Some Sex Toys

  • Using something as farfetched as sex toys will actually give you a really good idea about your own sexual preferences, the things you like and dislike. All this self-practice will actually help you prepare for your time with a real partner, and will even make you feel more confident when you’re in bed with someone!
  • Using sex toys allows you to explore your sexuality and helps you keep yourself satisfied, leading to overall happiness and general well-being. Try to forget the toils of your routine for a few minutes after a stressful day’s work, with these sex toys to help you out.
  • Using sex toys not only allows you to have a great time by yourself, but you can even use them on or with your partner, significantly enhancing the sexual pleasures you experience as a couple.
  • Frequently indulging in masturbation with sex toys will help you reach orgasm faster and more frequently, particularly helpful for the ladies.
  • Masturbating with sex toys can help increase your self-confidence.
  • Last but not the least, using sex toys is much safer than having unprotected one night stands, as you cannot catch any STDs or get pregnant by a sex toy.

The Hottest Sex Toys Out There

There are a variety of sex toys available for both women, as well as men, along with those that can be used by couples. Here’s a look at some of the trending sex toys for men and women, which are bound to bring in more spice and excitement to how you enjoy your sexuality.


    • Hello Touch The Jimmy Jane Hello Touch is a super cool erotic toy that helps you get an orgasm by cleverly enhancing your touch! The device comes in the form of 2 finger pads connected to a motor that provides sensual vibrations for anything from masturbation to hand jobs!

  • Picobong-Ako Outie Vibe – The Picobong-Ako Outie Vibe is a tiny egg-shaped bullet vibrator that is powerful, yet discreet. At a mere 2.5 inches long and an inch wide, it's the perfect toy that you can carry around!

Picobong Ako Outie Vibe


  • Penis Ring - Penis rings are easy to use and very basic male sex toys that allow you to stay harder, for longer. They are the perfect tool for any guy. They typically come in sets of 3-4, all of different sizes.
  • Prostate Massager – The idea of having your prostate simulated has taken time sinking in the male mentality. But today, more men are realizing the pleasure they can receive by stimulating the anus, for what is believed to be the male g-spot. A waterproof prostate massager is a great toy for any man looking to shed his inhibitions of anal penetration, and works great for both straight as well a gay men.

Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager

Why Buy Online

If you’re wondering why you should buy sex toys online, you’re probably asking the wrong question. With the level of privacy that comes from buying products online, people can now shop for and purchase products of their taste and preference, even if it’s 3 am in the morning. Online purchasing has enabled users to buy products that they earlier either didn’t know about, or didn’t have access to. And when it comes to buying sex toys online, nothing comes even close to the anonymity, choice and convenience offered by online stores that sell adult sex toys. And being able to avoid the social eyeballing of having to go to a store to buy a sex toy is something that many consider priceless. Even customer surveys and official studies have proven that people feel less conscious and shy when the buy sex toys online, as opposed to going to a physical store and buying what they want. Buying online also affords you the immense variety that the internet has to offer, where you can choose which products you wish to buy and even decide which price you’ll buy it for, to a certain extent.

Why Buy from is Australia’s largest online retailer of adult sex toys for both women and men. The company is the only sex-positive e-retailer in all of Australia. The company boasts of the largest collection of sex toys, lubricants and equipment for the discerning sexual explorer. The company is dedicated to offering personalized sex products, and even features an IM chat option that connects you with a company representative, who will help you find what you’re looking for. Joy Sex Toys Online features a “price beat” guarantee, so you can bet that you’ll find the best products here at the best prices. The site is easy to navigate and offers users a seamless transaction process. a number of daily deals and monthly discounts that gives you the best deal you can’t find elsewhere! The site also features a blog that contains a number of guides and FAQs. The company also offers a hassle free returns policy and provides free shipping for any order worth 200 AUD and above.

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