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Your Guide To Finding The Best Sex Toys For Men

Posted: Nov 10 2016

Your Guide To Finding The Best Sex Toys For Men



Admit it; it’s not very exciting stroking yourself to an orgasm every time. You’d rather open up to a fully invigorating session of sexual stimulation, right? If the answer is yes, then you should consider trying out some other things that will help you orgasm way better than just with your hands.   Women tend to have more open conversations than men, regarding their personal sex toys and experiences. It’s time for men to turn up the heat on themselves, with the best sex toys for men.


So, whether you're going at it all on your own, or looking to take yourself and your lady friend to Cloud 9, there are a great variety of sex toys available in the market that will take your sex life to the highest level. Toys are a great way to get serious about sex or just to have some extra fun, while enhancing you and your partner’s sexual experience. In fact, sex should be all about exploration, pleasure, and finding what makes you twitch. So, here’s a list of some of the best sex toy must-haves for men that are worth every penny!


Cock Ring



The cock ring is a wonderful invention; convenient, effective, economical and easy to use, the cock ring is at the top of this list as it is one of the best-packaged deals for men who are looking for a great sex toy! It is such a winner, that we’re seriously wondering how so many guys are having sex without one!  An extremely simple device, the cock ring just attaches around the base of your penis or near the scrotum, restricting the flow of blood to within the penis, translating into a rock hard erection with hours of endurance.


Tenga Smart Vibe Cock Ring



Fun Factory ShareVibe



If you’re looking for a sex toy that will give you a hands-free masturbation session from beginning to end, then the Fun Factory ShareVibe is the toy for you. Assuring the highest levels of sexual pleasure with controllable vibrations, Fun Factory Share Vibe is a water submersible toy that not only allows for shower or bath-time mischief, but also makes it extremely easy to clean as all you have to do is wash it in warm water. Equipped with a rechargeable battery, Fun Factory Share Vibe is a great toy that could end up being your life long companion. The icing on the cake is that Fun Factory Share Vibe is extremely discreet, ensuring that it doesn’t stand out if exposed to the real world!


Fun Factory Share Vibe


Pocket Rocket


The most old school male sex toy, the pocket rocket is a miniature dildo that is designed for the adventurous masturbator. Go ahead and give the pocket rocket a whirl over your lovelies and tell us it doesn’t feel right! As a bonus, you can use it when having sex because you’re probably never going to meet a woman that’s going to say “no” in case you pull one of these bad boys out.


The pocket rocket is just a little more than a tiny vibrator and its original purpose was clitoral stimulation and not vaginal penetration. You can get pocket rockets in a variety of shapes, colors and designs. You could buy a simple sleek and slender one made of stainless steel, or a pink plastic one with a bunny rabbit at the end, all depending on your choice.


Tickler Posh Pocket Toyfriend





Fleshlight is not just famous for making the world’s best artificial vagina that money can buy, but is currently the world’s number one male masturbation device. Aimed at helping you last longer in bed  while training to stay harder for longer, the Fleshlight is an icon in the male sex toy in the industry and has the capacity to hold up to 9 inches of girth. Designed to look like a discreet flashlight, the Fleshlight has given single men a very decent substitute for the real thing and is also useful for those players who want to maintain their stamina during those long dry spells.


Available with a variety of attachments including vagina, mouth, and anus, the Fleshlight also features additional attachments such as wall or bed mounts. Honestly speaking, the water-based lube that oozes out of the Fleshlight only adds to the already flesh-like feeling that one gets from the unique material from which Fleshlights’ are made. The device is designed in such a way that it tightens itself as your insert yourself inside.




Blowjob - Tenga Flip Hole


Another wonderful invention that simulates the feeling of a real blowjob, Tenga Flip Hole is a device that specializes in replicating the feeling of getting a real live blowjob! The Flip Hole is a great sex toy that can be used up to 50 times. A new user will have no trouble with the Flip Hole as all they need to do is take it out of the box, slide down their pants and insert the penis into what is now commonly referred to as “the mouth”. The secret to the devices success is Flip Hole has a unique Quattro wave technology brings waves of pleasure, large ribs massage the shaft of your penis. The Tenga Flip Hole is also very easy to clean, easy to dry, leaving no mess to clean up afterwards!


Tenga Flip Hole



Now that you know more about the kind of sex toys that you can get for yourself or your man, pick and choose the device or devices that suit your taste the best. Waterproof, discreet, innovative, naughty, convenient, portable – these sex toys for men are winners all the way. Just remember that sex toys aren’t only for women and there’s nothing wrong with exploring your own sexuality, even if it’s with yourself. Plus, male sex toys can be as much fun as female sex toys, when used with a partner and can add just as much spice into your sex life as any female or couple sex toy.

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