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Your Beginner’s Guide to Vibrators

Posted: Dec 17 2015

Good Vibrations A Beginner's Guide To Vibrators

I can still remember my first vibrator. He was purple, had three speeds, and was acquired in the seedier part of town under the cover of night. Needless to say, walking into an adult store to purchase a vibrator can be a somewhat daunting experience. Surrounded by nipple clamps, penis pumps and butt plugs – and then facing the Great Wall of Dong - can be intimidating. I think if you’re going to choose a vibrator you need to do some homework beforehand. This will make not only for a better buying experience, but also a better vibrator to suit your needs once you get it home. Allow me to help you along your vibrator voyage with this beginner’s guide to vibrators. You’re welcome.

Battle of the Dongs

What, exactly, is the difference between a vibrator and a dildo? Well, it’s pretty simple really. A vibrator, well, vibrates. . Dildos are simple dongs with no bells and whistles that come in many different materials, sizes and shapes. Since most women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation and not just from penetration alone, a vibrator may be a better choice for you if you’re a sex toy novice.

A Surplus of Styles

There are, quite literally, a ton of choices on the market when it comes to vibrators. They all have their specific uses and their own pros and cons. Your job is to learn about them and then decide which will fit your needs now. Remember, part of the fun of sex toys is to experiment. And any sex toy you buy can provide years of fun for you and yours, because they can be fun with a partner too. So, let’s explore the different types of vibrators in more detail and see which one is right for you.

Bullets and Eggs

Don’t worry, we aren’t baking any cakes or shooting anything, but I think the oven might be heating up! Ok, I can’t promise that’s the last lame joke I’ll make here, but let’s talk bullets and eggs of the vibrating kind. These are small, but do not judge them by their size. As Yoda would say, “Size matters not”. These types of vibrators are great for beginners because they are small and affordable. They also come in a wide array of designs and in various speeds to suit your needs.

Is that a Rocket in Your Pocket?

Pocket rockets are clitoral vibrators. They can be as small as a tube of lipstick or small flashlight, so they’re really discrete and fairly affordable. Not to mention, their use is straight forward. They come in a variety of speeds and power. A lot of people start out with toys like this as they dip their toe into the sex toy market. Believe me when I say that once you try it, you will just want more! Lelo makes some really awesome sex toys, and they have a pocket rocket called the Mia 2 that is absolutely awesome! Plus it can be charged via a USB cord – that’s pretty darn handy.

Pocket Rocket Lelo Mia 2

Bippity Boppity Boo-ya!

It’s time we talk Magic Wands. Not the kind wielded by fairy godmothers, though I wouldn’t mind a fairy godmother that gave these away, but the Hitachi Magic Wand and “personal massager”. Word to the wise: this may be too strong if this is your first sex toy rodeo. You probably need some more practice before jumping into this one, but they are one of the best vibrators on the market. You can even buy different attachments for them, so they’re really versatile. If you’re in the market for a personal massager, there are a lot of the market today that are great for beginners. Again, Lelo makes the Smart Wand and it is not only well made, but is designed to really make the vibes count. You just can’t go wrong with one so these as you explore the sex toy market.

Lelo Hand Held Smart Wand

More Good Vibrations

There are a lot of other types of vibes on the market today, but the three already mentioned are probably the best for beginners. But because I believe in comprehensive sex toy education, you are going to know about what else is out there so that when you’re ready you can give them a whirl too!

The Rabbit

I’m sure you’ve heard of these since they were made famous on Sex and the City. Rabbits have a vibrating dildo that is coupled with a clitoral stimulator that does, in fact, look like a little bunny – hence the name. They can be tricky to use, which is why they may not be great for beginners. But do yourself a favor and –when you’re ready – try one out. You may not leave your house for a week after you do, so clear your schedule.

G-Spot Vibes

Oh, the g-spot. It is not a myth, as anyone who has found their will tell you, and there is simply nothing better than getting a g-spot vibrator and finding it. Again, may not be the best choice for beginners, but definitely something you will want to add to your collection as time goes on. They have a ton of these on the market but I’ve found the best g-spot stimulators will give you vibes not only to your g-spot, but your clitoris as well. You may want to try one of these out when you have a lot of time to explore, because that round trip rocket ride to the moon and back takes a while.

Don’t Go Alone

There are couples vibrators out there as well, and they can really add a new dimension to your bedroom antics. Personally, I really enjoy incorporating toys in bed with my partner, and there are a lot of different choices out there. There are cock rings that vibrate, and even toys that will hit the just the right spots for both partners at the same time. The We-Vibe is a great example and something that is totally on my wish list!

Simulating Oral

I really have to pay homage here to the ingenious designers over at Lelo. I am not saying this out of anything other than complete appreciation for the mind-blowing orgasms these people have delivered to me and I have to share it with you. They have a lot of different toys, all great, but have one that actually simulates oral sex. Yep, the Ora 2 flicks, swirls and vibrates, this one is why if I was on a desert island and had to bring one thing with me, I would chose this. Appropriate for beginners, I think once you try one of these babies you won’t be able to go back to any other kind of clitoral stimulator. Or maybe that’s just me.

Tips for Buying

So, no pressure or anything, but this one purchase could possibly impact your perception of sex toys for the rest of your life, so you have to take your time and choose wisely. You need to expect that you’re going to have to do some shopping around to find what is right. Sure, buying online is a bit less embarrassing for the first-timer, and there’s often more of a selection, but buying for the first time at a shop is your best bet. You could really even find a toy you like online and see if there’s one in your area so you could go look at it, feel it and hold it in your hands before you buy it so you can know if it’s going to be what you want and if you want to you can go online for a better deal.

If you want to test the intensity of the vibes, the best thing to do is to put it on the tip of your nose. I know this might sound silly, but it’s honestly the best way to judge because your nose is the best comparison, sensitivity-wise, to your clitoris. If it tickles then you are good to go!

If you’re buying in a shop, have the salesperson put batteries in it to test it first. You don’t want to get home and get yourself all pumped up to use it for the first time and then have it not work. Don’t think this is weird request, either. Every single sex toy store I have ever been in did this before I had the chance to ask. You may also want to inquire about a return policy in the store, just to know what to expect if something goes wrong with your new toy.

You need to pay attention to what the vibrator is made of as well. It may sound crazy, but sex toy materials aren’t really regulated or checked, so they could contain things in them that aren’t body safe. You want to avoid phthalates and any other toxic materials, including jelly and rubber. Your safe bets are plastic, elastomer or the gold standard of sex toys – silicone. Silicone is the best because it is easy to clean and it’s durable.

If you want to take your new toy into the bath or shower, and believe you when I say that you really should, you will want to make sure to buy waterproof. There are a lot of toys out there that are, but several are not, so don’t forget to check!

Include Your Partner

If you’re new to sex toys, you may be feeling weird about introducing the idea of getting one to your partner. Don’t feel strange about it! It’s natural to want to experiment, and by including your partner in the process you can make it fun and exciting for both of you. You may need to reassure them that it is no reflection of their abilities in the bedroom, but that you’re simply curious about what a vibrator can do for you. I will tell you from experience that climaxing with a partner using a vibrator on the clitoris is a completely different experience than not including a vibrator. And who knows, they might like it enough to want one too! Just remember, they may not be enthusiastic if you bring something named “The Intruder” into your sex play. To start, find something that is not threatening or intimidating and go from there. It might be good to remind it that there are sex toys out there just for him too, and see if he has any interest!

A Beginner’s Guide to Vibrators Include Your Partner

Lube it Up

Make sure when you buy for first sex toy that you also get some lube that is safe for that toy, too! Believe me when I say that this is probably the second most important thing you will do in this process other than picking out the right toy. Lube is just going to make the whole experience better for you, so use it!

So, what should you take away from this guide? Well, I hope that now you feel more comfortable with going out and finding your first vibrator. Sex toys are probably one of the best things about living in the modern age, so if you’ve been missing out then you have got some catching up to do! You’ve taken your first step by reading this guide, so go forth and get that vibrator!

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