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The Best Online Sex Shop In Australia!

Posted: Nov 26 2015

The Best Online Sex Shop In Australia! Introduction

The online sex toys marketplace is thriving, and expanding its boundaries every day. New varieties of sex toys are upping the excitement quotient for thousands of demanding male and females out there. New sex toy concepts and designs are constantly being launched into the already thriving sex toy market, which is said to have a global net worth in excess of 15 Billion USD. Though the more renowned toys like dildos and basic vibrators are two of the products that sell the most, it’s not time for you to take a step further, to see and experience the marvels of shopping for sex toys online.

In the past few years, there have been a volley of new age sex toys that are designed especially for women, including vibes, stimulators, and clitoral massagers. Other innovative products include rabbit vibrators, double ended dildos, and lipstick vibrators, all of which can be used together with other generic sex toys like nipple clamps, gag balls, blindfolds and whips. Gone are the days when you’d have to walk into some seedy neighborhood and enter a random sex shop in some random back alley, as more and more buyers are realizing the benefits of shopping online, especially for something as private as a sex toy. And nothing creates a simpler and more convenient sex toy buying experience than at Joy Sex Toys Online.

The website has been operational for some time now and has emerged as Australia’s biggest reseller of sex toys and accessories. No matter what you’re looking for in terms of pleasure and novelty, Joy Sex Toys Online’s extensive range of sex toys will spoil you for choice, in any category you choose; whether it’s a double ended dildo or a rotating rabbit vibrator, you can choose from hundreds of different toys that you can use on your own or with a partner. The company is also reputed for having a very discreet delivery system wherein even the courier won’t know the contents of your delivery, perfect for all those introverts and shy pots! Joy Sex Toys Online’s online payment system ensures complete buyer protection. Enjoy discreet shopping; even your credit card statement will not give your online shopping escapades away, as the transactions are marked to VAT International Pty Ltd. The payment gateway is audited by PayPal every day, and is protected by a 256 bit SSL secured server. Customer privacy is of utmost importance at the store, the website is even protected round the clock by McAfee antivirus!

Why Buy from is Australia’s single largest redistributor of sex toys, and caters to both female and male clientele. The company is the country’s first sex-positive e-retailer and boasts the largest inventory of sex toys, equipment and other accessories, in terms of both variety and quantity. Joy Sex Toys Online was established with the sole purpose of making sex toy buying a much more enjoyable experience. And for those who are about to buy their first sex toy, Joy Sex Toys Online offers an IM chat feature that connects you with one of the company’s representatives that will advise you and help you zero in on the right toy for you!

Why Buy From Joy Sex Toys Online

The website also offers a lowest price guarantee in the form of a “price beat” guarantee assuring that you’ll not find amazing sex toys for better prices anywhere other than This is no marketing gimmick to attract customers, but just an honest claim that incentivizes you to get your first or next sex toy from Joy Sex Toys Online. The site combines buyer confidentiality with an easy to use interface and simple checkout process. Another big plus deal about Joy Sex Toys Online are its deals and discounts, which the site offers on a routine basis. Joy Sex Toys Online even offers something for people who just want to get to know more about sex toys and various other sexual concepts, through the regularly updated blog, FAQs and guides. also offers a hassle free returns policy and gives free shipping for orders worth 200 AUD or more.

Wide Range of Sex Toys and Adult Toys

Joy Sex Toys Online features the most extensive range of sex toys for him, her and also for couples, and the inventory is updated regularly to ensure that you find something exciting every time you visit the web store. Let’s take a look at some of the site’s trending sex toys:

1) Dildos

A dildo, aka dong, is a long tubular device that is designed to replicated the feel and sensation of a penis penetration. Dildos are among the earliest sex toys to have made it to numerous R-rated Hollywood movies, which makes them the essentials of any discerning sex toy shopper’s collection. All this stardom and fame has made the dildo a staple among sex toy enthusiasts and it has been rated as one of the most dependable methods of reaching an orgasm. You can choose from and extensive range of dildos, right from plain glass dildos to solid graniteones.

The Best Online Sex Shop In Australia! Dildo

2) Anal Plug

The anal plug is the softcore anal dildo, and is preferred by many because of its smooth touch and cushiony feel. Specially designed to be extra wide at the base, anal plugs are body safe anal sex toys that you can use to play with yourself, or with your partner. An anal plug is perfect for those of you who are just getting into the concept of anal sex, as it acts as a great learning tool.

The Best Online Sex Shop In Australia! Butt Plug

3) Vibrators

Vibrators are more or less automated versions of dildos, and offer much more flexibility in terms of hand movement and concentration. Vibrators are wonderful for those lazy and stress-busting sessions of self-pleasuring. We suggest you start with a basic vibrator, and then move on to some latest mechanized dildos and sleeker models like the OVO – E5, Fun Factory vibrators rechargeable vibrator, to experience the best of sexual stimulation.

The best online sex shop in Australia Vibrators

4) Clitoral Stimulators

A clitoral simulator is a large ring-shaped device that is mainly used for clitoral stimulation, and not much else. These are basic vibrating sex toys that allow for stimulation of the clitoral nerves. It’s fun to experiment with all kinds of these clitoral simulators for the most amazing and varied sexual sensations; try them out.

Now that you know more about the kinds of sex toys you can buy, and the perfect place to buy them from, you can log on to Joy Sex Toys Online’s site or can even enjoy shopping as a guest! And no matter what toy you choose, make sure that it’s one that will physically enhance your pleasure in a way that best suits you.

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