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The Playful Tenga Flip Hole

Posted: Nov 19 2015

The Tenga Flip Hole is the latest in cutting edge sex toy technology and is designed to accurately depict the feeling of the female anatomy, making it the best male masturbator in the market. That being said, the Flip Hole is no ordinary artificial vagina and is considered among the best sex toys for males, featuring a number of silicone feathers, ribs, nubs and pumps. So, let’s take a closer look at the Tenga Flip Hole Black.

The Playful Tenga Flip Hole

Design & Body

The Flip hole’s design, although both aesthetic and futuristic, is extremely discreet and will need a detailed inspection before anyone can realize what it is. The casing is flexible to a certain degree, and along with its various buttons, it gives you total control over vibrations, speed and intensity. The Flip Hole comes in both White and Black variants and is the world’s first and currently only masturbator that can be completely opened via a one-sided hinge, making the Flip Hole extremely easy to clean and store.


The Tenga Flip Hole’s interior design concept is so futuristic, that every centimetre of its astonishingly complex design is designed for a particular function. If one side has two small rubber balls on the left and right, the other side will feature one nubby ball in its centre, lining up perfectly when closed. And on the other half, where one side has two larger nubby balls with a slit for penetration, the other features a large convex-shaped portion. The Black version features a tighter silicone sleeve on the inside and is a noticeable difference from its white variant. While the White has a less intense texture, the black is obviously for the more adventurous males who desire tighter sensations. The best part about the Flip Hole is that it can be used from either end, providing a different sensation depending on the side you use. This is possible because the product features different textures on both halves, thus delivering multiple sensations. This flexibility makes it a truly multi-functional toy, with the clear silicone delivering a sticky feel, which actually that actually doesn’t!

The Playful Tenga Flip Hole Texture Side

Using the Tenga Flip Hole

The Tenga Flip Hole comes in two pieces; a black plastic sheath that has a top and little sides, and the masturbator and the “sheath”, which can be separated from each other once the device is opened out. The sheath is not just for show and serves three distinct purposes;

  • To keep it closed and the top slit covered when it’s dry and needs to be stored;
  • To hang the Flip Hole on for air drying;
  • To keep the Flip Hole closed in a hygienic way, while it’s being use.

From what we’ve seen, many users of the Flip Hole have no idea that the black sheath is designed to keep the Flip Hole closed during use. When a penis is inside the masturbator, the super-soft silicone skin obviously bulges out. This means that if you’re not using the sheath, you’re going to have to clasp the device together with your hands, making it impossible it operate the device when you have to press a button.

Sheath- The sheath is a device that needs to be put on prior to putting your penis into it, because if you don’t, you’re going to have a hard time getting the device to line up as it should. The edges of the Flip Hole are ridged at the point where the two plastic sides meet. The sheath also features a groove, which requires you to slide the sheath downwards so that groove and ridge interlock with each other, creating a robust design.

Lube – Now, the Tenga Flip Hole comes with 3 individual plastic vials of lube, called “Hole Lotion”. While “lotion” typically refers to a cream-based substance, this is 100% transparent lube. The 3 separate tubes are supposed to emulate 3 different viscosities: Very thin, very thick, and semi-thick. We feel that that the “very thick” lube is a bit too thick, more so because it almost feels like a gel and has similar viscosity. One of them is apparently a warming lube, but never seems to feel like it. Each of the vials’ viscosity is supposed to change the intensity of your experience. Either way, we recommend using as much lube as possible, especially for those of you who have more girth than the average penis. All three vials will give you an average of 6-8 sessions in total.

Cleaning & Handling

The Playful Tenga Flip Hole How To Use

Owing to its open-design, the Tenga Flop Hole is extremely easy to wash; just flip open the device and put it under direct water flow, using a mild soap solution. Drying your Flip Hole is also easy, as you just need to turn it upside down and allow it to air-dry itself, while leaving it in a half-open mode to let residual water droplets flow out.

There’s another point of mention is the temperature; Tenga offers a propriety “Hole Warmer”, a reusable tube that can be inserted inside the Flip Hole and other Tenga masturbators, to warm up the material and make it more useful. Many users, recommend soaking the Flip Hole in a warm water bath for a few minutes because it significantly improves your experience and the added warmth makes it feel all the more realistic. That being said, the silicone sleeve pretty much warms itself on its own.

Final Thoughts

The Tenga Flip Hole is currently the ultimate product in the reusable male masturbation devices market, and is one of the fastest selling male sex toys in the world, after the legendary Fleshlight. The product was engineered to be stylish, efficient and discreet. So, not only do you get an incredibly trendy sex toy, but one that also feels amazing to use. Its simple flip-open mechanism allows you to quickly clean it and get it ready for its next use. The device comes with four very unique non-anatomic experiences; the Original White, the ever popular tight Black, the silky-smooth Silver and an incredibly ridged Red variant.

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