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Beyond the Bump: Using Sex Toys During Pregnancy

Posted: Nov 05 2015

Beyond the Bump Using Sex Toys During Pregnancy Introduction

Just because a woman is round with a baby doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to have sex. Or have orgasms. In fact, as someone who has been pregnant twice I can tell you with absolute certainty that women are absolutely still sexual creatures when they are pregnant. Those pregnancy hormones should be bottled and sold – because for a lot of women pregnancy hormones are the ultimate aphrodisiac! This will inevitably lead us to wonder about the use of sex toys during pregnancy. Is it safe? Are there special things to consider now that you’re the vessel for a growing human being? It’s true, as your body changes during pregnancy there are a lot of things to consider, so we here at Joy Sex Toys Online want to present the ultimate guide to sex toys during pregnancy – all you will ever need to know!

Sex and Pregnancy

It’s true that each woman, as well as each pregnancy, is different and special snowflake. For the purposes of this guide we’re going to be talking about normal, healthy pregnancies with no complications. If you are high-risk or have some complications then you really need to ask your doctor about any questions you may have regarding sex and the use of sex toys during pregnancy. For the rest of you, however, the answer is that it is completely safe to have sex while pregnant. It’s true that some of your favorite positions may become challenging, or impossible, as the pregnancy progresses but you have a green light for sex!

As I mentioned, for some women those pregnancy hormones will shoot your libido right out of the stratosphere – probably much to your partner’s delight! The increased blood flow to your vagina and clitoris really improves stimulation and sexual sensations, which make orgasms so completely and incredibly awesome that you may end up with 10 or so kids. For others, though, it can do just the opposite because you may not feel so great through most of your pregnancy. Whatever you or your partner feels is totally normal and I say just go with it. Maybe a lot of sex while you’re pregnant is nature’s little treat for you because for the next 18 or so years privacy will be hard to come by – but that’s an entirely different topic! I say embrace those hormones and get it on. The bright side is you no longer have to worry about becoming pregnant! Plus, orgasms are good for you!

Beyond the Bump Using Sex Toys During Pregnancy sex and pregnancy

Anal Sex During Pregnancy

Something worth mentioning is that anal sex during pregnancy, whether with toys or with a partner, is perfectly fine. There’s no evidence it will endanger your baby’s health in any way. The only thing you need to be concerned about is the transfer of bacteria. We all know that the anus has a lot of bacteria in it and you will want to keep that away from your vagina and cervix. It can cause an infection that can eventually harm your baby. So, as with most other things in life, be smart when you’re getting it on! Also remember that you can develop hemorrhoids when you’re pregnant and that in that case it will definitely not be pleasurable to participate in any form of ass play. But have no fear, the hemorrhoids eventually go away and you’ll be back in the ass play saddle in no time!

Hello Sally Five Fingers

So, let’s talk masturbation. Whether it’s with your hand or with a vibrator, masturbation is exactly what we’re talking about. Early in the pregnancy it will not be too difficult to have intercourse. But once you become roughly the size of a wee planetoid (you may even have your own weather system) masturbation alone of with your partner may be your only option. Remember, masturbation during pregnancy is actually good for you. It helps to relieve stress on your body and can help you feel better. It’s also a great way to remain intimate with your partner when you may not feel like having full on intercourse. Orgasms also release oxytocin and that, my friends, may just encourage contractions. Believe me when I say you will reach a point in your pregnancy when you feel like you’re gestating an elephant and have been pregnant forever and you just want it over. This is when trying to stimulate contractions by orgasm come in, well, handy – if you know what I mean!

Vibrators and a Bun in the Oven

So, I know what you’re thinking. You want to know if vibrators are ok. Well, in the interest of being comprehensive (because I pride myself on full disclosure here folks!) there aren’t any studies that have tested the safety of vibrators on pregnant women. This is probably because no governmental agency will endorse studies on pregnant women ever – it’s a liability. So all we really have to go on is experience. Most health care providers will tell you that vibrators won’t harm your kid.

There are, however, some precautions to take just to err on the side of safety. You may feel more comfortable going with external vibrators instead of one you insert into your vagina. You, of course, can use internal vibrators but you will want to make sure they are of the highest quality materials, such as silicone, that are body safe. A lot of vibrators out there are made from plastic that can pose a risk of penetration of the cervix, and that’s the part that is protecting your growing baby. You don’t want anything that will irritate your cervix or make it cranky! Remember to be gentle with a vibrator if you’re using it internally because it’s not as pliable or soft as a penis.

I also think it’s a great idea to go above and beyond when cleaning your sex toys. Sterilize all of your sex toys after each use and as mentioned, avoid using toys used for ass play in your vagina. Vaginal infections are no fun when you’re pregnant, and because of increased hormones you may be more susceptible to them!

Beyond the Bump Using Sex Toys During Pregnancy vibrators

Some Tips for the Tips

When choosing your sex toys you need to remember something very important - go phthalate free. Cheaper sex toys can be full of phthalates and this material can be toxic to developing children. They don’t use phthalates in baby bottles or anything associated with babies or young children anymore, so that’s a clear sign you want to stay far away from them for your baby and yourself! If the packaging of the toy or the description doesn’t say it’s phthalate free then pass it on by.

When to Take It Down a Notch

There are a few things you will need to keep on the lookout for when it comes to using sex toys while pregnant. If you feel any pain or discomfort then put the brakes on whatever it is you are doing immediately. If using your vibrator makes you begin to bleed or spot, you will need to let your doctor or midwife know, no matter how little blood there may be.

If you experience any bleeding or pain even after you’re done using the vibrator then you need to talk to your healthcare provider as soon as possible. The same goes for good, old fashioned sex with a real penis too.

If you’re near the end of your pregnancy, generally after the 37th week, and orgasms or use of a vibrator is followed up by contractions that are regular and painful that go on for more than 2 hours, call your doctor or midwife. It could be show time!

Also, a word to the wise: empty your bladder after any kind of sexual play. When you’re pregnant it can be easier to get urinary tract infections and emptying your bladder and flushing out any bacteria that could be trying to make its way up there is a good preventative measure. And let’s face it- it’s not a hardship since you have to pee roughly every 4.5 minutes anyway.

Assume the Position

All this talk about sex and masturbation has you really thinking about it now, doesn’t it? Well, let’s cover how to do it best when you’re pregnant then, shall we? The most important thing to remember when you’re having sex while pregnant is that you won’t want to put pressure on your growing bump. For the first and second trimesters you can do a position called the “T-square”. You lie on your back horizontally at the edge of the bed while your partner stays standing. You can imagine the rest. In my book, you also can’t go wrong with doggy style at this point.

The third trimester will be more challenging, but I know you’ll be up for that challenge! Spooning is great at this time because it allows you to rest your belly on the mattress or prop a pillow under it while he enters you from behind. Just tread lightly in that last trimester and try not to get too buck wild or you might pull something.

Beyond the Bump Using Sex Toys During Pregnancy sex position


If you or your partner are a fan of pegging, then feel free to let your pegging flag fly, even when pregnant. If the harness fits, then there’s no reason to quit! You may just have to make some extra room, or change up some of your moves, to accommodate that growing belly.

Don’t Forget the Lube

Most lubes are safe to use during pregnancy, but you might find you are sensitive to some lubes – like the ones that contain warming agents. It’s probably best to stick to lube that is neutral.

Let’s talk condoms for a minute too. You have to remember that during pregnancy you can still catch an STD, and it can turn out to be even more harmful to you during this time and damaging to the health of your baby too. If you’re not in a relationship where you can forego the use of condoms, then make sure you wrap it up every single time you have sex.

Beyond the Bump Using Sex Toys During Pregnancy lubricant

Live it Up

You might just find that sex during pregnancy is some of the best sex of your life! You have to pay attention to your body and how you are feeling but being pregnant is no reason to hang up your sex hat for a few months. You’re still you, even if your priorities are shifting and your life is changing, and you can’t forget that during this whole crazy process of creating another human being that you have needs, very natural needs and desires, which are important. Listen to yourself and do what feels good! You’re important too!

Beyond the Bump Using Sex Toys During Pregnancy Conclusion

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