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Why Australians Love These 5 Sex Toys Designed For Beginners

Posted: Sep 29 2015

Top 5 Sex Toys An Australian Newbie Will Like Introduction

Buying your first sex toy can be unsettling to say the least. In a market that's bubbling with colors, variety and functionality, you need to figure what suits your needs. For someone alien to the exciting world of bedroom accessories, some of them can look confusing and even scary. That doesn't mean the beginner has to give up on the pursuit of satisfying one’s fantasies.

I could tell you of two approaches that lead to a successful purchase. The first one calls for being experimental. Buy something that looks appealing and try working with it. If you don’t like it, there are other options to look into. However, this buy and try exercise is not just frustrating but also uneconomical. Here enters the second approach. Allow me to walk you through five popular categories of sex toys to get you acquainted. Read through the following list and find out more on the best sex toys for beginners.

Vibrators and Intimate Massagers

This is level one in the world of sex toys. They don’t get simpler than this. Vibrators and intimate massagers are the most popular category of toys and with good reasons. Seen by most as the least scary looking thing in an adult store, these colorful bedroom tools are ideal to achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation.

Available in smart designs, compact built and flexible speed settings, vibrators too can be hard to buy. The sheer variety of their sub-categories can be baffling. So which one’s right- the G-Spot, the magic wand or the rabbit vibrator?

Top 5 Sex Toys An Australian Newbie Will Like intimate massager

I suggest you look into the Tickle-Ruby Rabbit Toyfriend vibrator. Made with body safe silicone, this fun buddy comes with 6 different settings and two motors. Perfect for driving clitoral and internal stimulation, a rabbit vibrator like this will not disappoint. For first-timers, I’d say vibrators like these are made to please.


Now that you have some experience with toys, take the liberty to reach level two, the territory of unadulterated internal stimulation.

Top 5 Sex Toys An Australian Newbie Will Like Dildo

Purchasing a dildo is a very personal decision. The length, fullness and material are key factors that rule the dildo segment of the sex toys market. These factors are also important to the preferences of people buying them. However, you must know that there are no general rules applicable to making this purchase. My preference can differ greatly from your tastes. But I believe it is a personal experience that contributes to the process of selecting a dildo.

To get the right dildo, you must decide on certain functionalities in advance. If it’s your first time, the thickness and length of your dildo can make or break the deal. Also, do you want a personal or a shareable dildo? If you prefer the latter, then a non-porous silicone dildo will fit the bill.

Prior to making any purchases for yourself and your partner, make sure you take note of the common expectations involved. A great place to start is the Toynary Double Dildo. This offers a versatile design to take that bedroom heat up a notch.

Anal Toys for Limitless Fun

For many around us, anal toys serve as the bridge to exploring the pleasures of actual anal sex scenarios. It’s like that step of the journey where you’re sure, but not so much. Beginners often walk into this territory with trepidation, carefully selecting the safest options among which anal plugs score the highest. I advise seekers to stick with short and thin plugs made in latex or silicone for their first experience. If you’ve graduated from this stage, then take a look at the anal beads like the picture above. Don’t forget to use a good quality lube for comfort and extended stimulation.

Top 5 Sex Toys An Australian Newbie Will Like Anal Toys

Bondage Kits

Bondage has fast become a rage among couples looking for ways to spice up their bedroom fun. But for beginners, these unchartered waters remain distant for fear of misconceptions generated by the media. For the uninitiated, the word bondage may conjure images of dark, mysterious chambers with scary looking tools and people in black leather and heavy metal chains. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Top 5 Sex Toys An Australian Newbie Will Like Bondage

The practice of bondage implies the attainment of sexual gratification with the usage of restraints. These restraining tools are usually delicate in their making and do not carry any risks to their users.

With a clear idea of what bondage is and how it could be deployed to make your sex lives better, beginners can benefit from it as much as experts. But deprivation of freedom to control your senses can be highly unsettling for first-timers. It is for this reason that I recommend the ‘take it easy’ approach for starters.

In my view, gradual introduction of bondage equipment is much easier to handle for beginners still testing the waters. Give yourself the time and comfort to get familiar with the feeling of not being in complete control. Letting go is always easier said than done. Discuss the use of bondage tools with your partner. Tell them about your likes and dislikes. The easiest item on the menu is the blindfold. Cuffs made with soft fabric come in at a close second. If you’re ready, look through the bondage kits on offer online. The point is, once you get the taste, you will surely come back for more.

Card and Board Games for Adults

Who said games were strictly for kids? Adults can play some special games too. Adult card and board games offer beginners a chance to engage in all kinds of daring sexual acts that they are yet to try. If you liked my recommendations above and want to give them a shot, play an adult card game with your partner for an exciting night.

Sex toys are for everyone. So everyone must have the right knowledge to access them. There’s something for everybody out there, irrespective of their preferences. Once you overcome your initial inhibitions, sex toys could open gateways to supercharging the intimacy you share with yourself or a partner. As a bonus, these innovative devices can help you appreciate the new ways to seeking pleasure.

Top 5 Sex Toys An Australian Newbie Will Like sex game

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