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Ultimate List of Bizarre Sex Facts You Never Knew

Posted: Sep 24 2015

Ultimate List of Bizarre Sex Facts You Never Knew Introducation

Love and sex may feel magical, but there are some really strange things that happen in your body while you’re falling in love and doing the horizontal mambo. You may think you know all about the birds and the bees, but I guarantee that you have never heard of many of these bizarre sex facts. You are bound to be surprised by at least a few!

Partners and Similar DNA

It’s no secret in the science community that people are inclined to choose love partners with similar characteristics to their own. We generally have a tendency to look for people who are around the same age, the same race, have the same religious beliefs, are in the same income bracket, have had similar upbringings and even similar body types to ours. A recent study found, however, that people also lean towards partners with similar DNA. I know what you’re thinking: how can we possibly know if a person’s DNA is similar to ours? Well, researchers studied the genetic material of several hundred American couples and found fewer differences in DNA between married people than between two random strangers in the same racial group. I guess that deep down that feeling we have when we meet “the one” could just be our nucleo- peptides recognizing each other! Strange, but true, sex fact!

Ultimate List of Bizarre Sex Facts You Never Knew DNA

Romantic Comedies are Good for Your Marriage

The next time your man doesn’t want to go see the hottest rom-com, then remind him that it may actually be a good thing for your marriage! Seriously, a study done at Binghamton University compared couples that attended counseling with those that watching relationship-themed movies together. The divorce rate in both groups was reduced, but after three years the movie group took less time to do the activity and did almost all of it at home. At the end of the day what this study reveals is that it may be easier to have serious and sometimes difficult discussions with your partner in the context of a movie rather than in therapy. So, if you’re having problems just rent Bridget Jones’ Diary and have a good talk after.

Ultimate List of Bizarre Sex Facts You Never Knew Romantic Comedies

Some People Are Wired for More Sex

The number of sexual partners you have may be influenced by your brain’s wiring. A study done at UCLA looked at people’s brains via brain scan as they were shown different images, some of which were suggestive sexually. They also were interviewed about their sexual behaviors within the past year. When notes from the scan and interviews were compared, people who had very active brains during the viewing of sexual images also had more sexual partners. It seems to me that this is a “what came first” kind of question. I mean, if you have more sex or view more porn does it influence how your brain works or are you viewing more porn and sleeping with more people because that is how your brain is wired? It’s an interesting question, but I personally would like to see more in-depth research done. Sexual motivation varies from one person to another, that’s for certain. Why, however, is more of a mystery.

Cholesterol Can Be Bad for Erections

We all know that cholesterol levels are an indicator of health. Cholesterol isn’t only bad for your ticker and your arteries, but apparently your penis as well. High cholesterol can contribute to erectile dysfunction in men. ED may actually serve as a signal that cardiovascular disease is brewing in your bod. It has been found that men who take cholesterol-lowering medications also are more likely to see improvement in their sex lives as a result. If that’s not motivation to eat healthier and exercise, I’m not sure what is.

Low Blood Sugar Can Cause Marriage Issues

Who would have thought that instead of fighting with your significant other you should just have a snack? Mental note to self! An Ohio State University studyfound that arguments or aggression between spouses can be the result of low blood sugar. They had married couples test their blood sugar each morning and night and also stick pins into voodoo dolls representing their loved one based on their level of anger. It turned out that if the lower their blood sugar, the higher the number of pins stuck into the doll. That’s a mental image you don’t get from a scientific study every day! Researchers think that this may be because when you’re hungry you tend to hangry – which means you’re are crankier and more irritable. So, next time you need to talk about something important with your spouse, maybe try a banana first.

Being Humble Helps You Score More

If you’re having trouble getting a date then you may want to think about how conceited you tend to act. Apparently, people don’t want to date people who come off as snobby or full of themselves. I’m not making this up! A study found that volunteers who read fake dating profiles liked the humbler profiles more. It has also been found that more people are willing to forgive a spouse’s transgression if they are humble. So, the takeaway from all of this is that realizing you are a human being with faults is a good thing because it makes you, you know, real. People can spot fakers a mile away.

If You Need to Work on Your Relationship Take a Road Trip!

Personally, you don’t have to ask me twice to get in the car and take off on a vacation. But, if you’re going through some issues in your relationship it may not seem so appealing to be trapped in a car for hundreds of kilometers with your partner. Well, it turns out that is exactly what you should do. Long car rides are a great way to work out problems that need a lot of time and attention. Road trips are also a great way to reconnect with your partner because not all of the conversations have to be about unpleasant or difficult things. Not to mention that shared experiences help to bring you closer together. I know I like talking about serious things in the car because it’s easier, but maybe that’s just me.

Ultimate List of Bizarre Sex Facts You Never Knew road trip

Women Voices Can Be Made More Appealing, but Men’s Cannot

True story: I was ordering a coffee at my favorite coffee place and the man-boy behind the counter said to me “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you have a really great phone sex voice”. I looked at him and then said “Uh, thanks” and he said “No – say it like you mean it”. So I did. And I apparently did because, as a woman, I can. A 2014 study found that women can modify their voices on purpose to sound more attractive but when men tried the same thing it just didn’t work the same way. Actually, the dudes were rated worse the sexier they tried to make themselves. It’s funny, but women can make their voices lower and more breathy and they will automatically be considered sexier, but why was kind of surprising. It runs out that when a woman lowers her voice men pick up on it as a signal of receptiveness. I guess for the ladies, it just doesn’t work the same way. Sex fact!

Hormonal Birth Control Can Change the Type of Man a Woman in Attracted To

Hormones are strange things indeed. And when you take more it apparently changes not just things about you physically but also changes how you perceive members of the opposite sex. A 2012 studyfound that when a woman is on hormonal birth control she will show less of an attraction for men with high testosterone levels and ruggedly masculine physical characteristics. Maybe this is why women are big fans of professional wrestling. The study also found that if a woman was on the pill while she met her partner, she is less sexually attracted to him and less sexually satisfied during the course of the relationship. But, they were more satisfied with financial status and less likely in the long term to separate from their partners than women who weren’t on the Pill. This explains a lot about my life.

Ultimate List of Bizarre Sex Facts You Never Knew hormonal birth control

Fake It While You Make It

I think a lot of people automatically assume that faking an orgasm is a bad thing, but it turns out that there is a time and a place for it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your partner isn’t enjoying themselves or they just want you to get it over with, but dusting off those community theater chops and putting on a show is part of the enjoyment of sex. It’s easy to get carried away; as I’m sure many people can attest. And it’s not just women that fake orgasm either.

Ultimate List of Bizarre Sex Facts You Never Knew fake orgasm

It’s Not as Easy to Get Grossed out When Turned On

Well, this one makes sense all day long. Sex can be and often is messy. There are fluids, and sounds and smells, not to mention you kiss your partner (I hope often) where they pee. When you sit around and think about it, sex should really gross you out! But, research has found that when you’re aroused it overrules your body’s natural “disgust response”. This has to be the most startlingly true sex facts I have read in a while!

Ultimate List of Bizarre Sex Facts You Never Knew grossed out

Love Can Make You Obsessive

Well, duh. Anyone who has ever been in love knows that when you feel that way about someone you can’t stop thinking about them, thinking about whether their winky text was meant to convey more than just a wink, and perhaps even religiously check (or stalk) their Facebook page. Relax, though, because it’s not you being a stalker, it’s your brain. MRI scans done on those who are falling in love show that this feeling sends blood directly to the pleasure centers of your brain. This also happens to be the same exact area that is responsible for obsessive-compulsive behaviors so it’s really all very normal. This can have a downside, though. When we’re in this love-induced pleasure haze we tend to overlook a person’s faults and idealize them. Sooner or later the brain calms down a bit and then you can see where real life takes you!

Ultimate List of Bizarre Sex Facts You Never Knew obsessive

Love Builds Strong Bones

Oh, get your mind out of the gutter. Actually, don’t, I really like your mind in the gutter we just don’t need it there right at this second. Anyway, back to my point which is that marriage has been shown to make men’s skeleton’s stronger! Researchersaren’t exactly sure why, but if men wait until after 25 to get married it literally strengthens their bones. Of course, other studies have shown that married people tend to live longer, are more likely to survive cancer and have a lower risk of heart disease. This is a great sex fact to have on hand the next time your ex-accuses you of sucking the life out them. Au contraire, mon frere.

Getting It on Counts as Exercise

If you get your freak on for an hour it can burn as many calories as jogging for 30 minutes. Research has found that men burn 4.2 calories a minute during sex and women burn 3.1. That’s an average of 101 calories for men and 69 calories for women during each sex session. So, if you were every wondering how to enter sex on your phone app as exercise, now you know! This is a sex fact I can get behind!

Ultimate List of Bizarre Sex Facts You Never Knew exercise

Old People Like to Have Sex Too

It can be hard for you to think about, but research has shown that senior citizens are still very active sexually. In fact, many have sex until death. The one statistic that is kind of startling is the rate of STD’s in the elderly. Aside from teenagers, they are the biggest population of those who contract STD’s, probably because they’re no longer worried about getting pregnant. Maybe it’s time to talk with grandpa about how if you’re going to love you need to use a glove.

So, did you learn anything you didn’t already know? Some sex facts you can pull out during your next Jeopardy game? I know I did, and I sort of pride myself on being a know-it-all when it comes to these matters. It just goes to show you, there’s always more to learn, especially about the wide range and varied topics of human sexuality!

Ultimate List of Bizarre Sex Facts You Never Knew old people have sex too

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