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The Art of Hot Quickie Sex

Posted: Sep 15 2015

The Art of Hot Quickie Sex Introduction

There is nothing wrong with some quickie sex. In fact, some of the best sex I have ever had has been quickie sex! And what’s even better about is that almost all quickie sex is hot quickie sex. Whether it’s in your bed, in the bathroom at a party, in a supply closet at the office or in a car – quickie sex does more than just scratch an itch. In fact, I’d go as far as to say that there’s an art to the quickie. So, get out your notebooks and pencils, kids. We’re about to embark on the ultimate quickie guide!

No Time for Love?

We live in a fast paced world and sometimes we just have to take what we can get when it comes to sex. In fact, when people have been polled about the priorities of everyday life, they’ve admitted that they tend to prioritize sleep or work over sex. That’s a sad state of affairs, people. So, how do you get out of that sex slump? Quickie sex! Quickie sex doesn’t have to be buildup free or haphazard, either. If you’ve only got 15 minutes before company is going to show up for dinner when you get home, that’s 15 minutes you can use to have sex. Just send a sexy text to ramp up some anticipation on your way home from work. Something along the lines of “when I get home I’m going to tear your clothes off” will probably do the trick. Feel free to use your imagination!

Lube it Up

Look, there is no shame in the game when you have to use a little lube. It’s understood that quickie sex often lacks foreplay. This, in my humble opinion, is exactly why lube exists. Sometimes the head (either one) is a little more on board than the rest of the body. So, lube it on up and enjoy yourself!

Skirt The Nudity Line

Part of the fun of incredibly hot quickie sex is not removing all of your clothes. You want each other so bad that you have to have each other right at that moment or you will die. So, just pull up that skirt or dress, unzip those pants and get it on. That is seriously hot. Do it.

Welcome To Fantasy Island

One of the best things you can do to try and get yourself ready for the sexy showdown is to start imagining it before it ever happens. It’s kind of like a visualization exercise to get your juices flowing. You can also throw a little self-stimulation into the mix. That’ll really get you pumped up for the action to come. Plus, there’s research showing that if you bring yourself just to the brink of orgasm and don’t actually orgasm, it’ll make the orgasm you eventually have that much better. Who are we to argue with science?

Oral Sex Counts!

Quickies can mean a lot of things, and oral sex just happens to be one of those things. It’s not written in stone anywhere that quickie sex is limited to intercourse, so mix it up and throw in some oral for fun. It’s my expert opinion that you can’t have enough oral sex.

It’s All About Location

You can have sex in your bed any old day. If you’re going for some random hot quickie sex then go with a place that’s a little more exotic. Kitchen counters are just the right height for more than just chopping veggies. If you’re feeling really spry in the morning, surprise your partner in the shower. Shower sex can take some adjustment, but it sure is fun.

Benefits Beyond The Sex

If you need some convincing to make quickies a part of your sex routine, just remember that sex is good for you! As a physical activity it can count as exercise. Plus, it helps you relax and de-stress as well as makes you feel closer to your lover. There’s really no reason not to put oral sex on the quickie menu!

The Art of Hot Quickie Sex Benefits Beyond Sex

Assume The Positions

You may be asking yourself at this point what positions are best for a quickie. Well, sometimes it depends on location. It’s also all about ease. Variations of doggy style are always winners. No matter where you are you can just bend over and let the good times roll. It’s useful on stairs, in closets, in the shower – the possibilities are endless!

Wall sex deserves a plaque in the hot quickie sex hall of fame. The woman wraps her legs around a man’s hips with her back up against the wall. It is generally one of the best positions you can ever hope for in your entire life.

Remember the kitchen counter suggestion? Well, don’t neglect the kitchen table either. The lady lies back on the table with her bottom close to the edge while the man stands in front of her. You’ll never feel the same way about breakfast again.

Most of us have had sex on a sofa, but I bet you’ve never tried it like this. A woman stands on the edge of the couch (or bed) while the man stands behind her. The lady may have to squat slightly or adjust her position so that the man can enter her from behind. Try this one!

Bring on the Quickie!

Hopefully, you have some new ideas now to make your quickies that much hotter. Whether it’s on a desk, in the front yard, in the back of a car, in a changing room or any place else you can find the space to get it on, a quickie is worth every minute. It brings you closer to your partner and helps to scratch the itch. You’re never too busy to get it on, no matter what you might think!

The Art of Hot Quickie Sex Conclusion

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