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Sex with your lover vs. Sex with Sex-Toys

Posted: Sep 04 2015

Sex with your lover vs. Sex with Sex-Toys Introduction

Let me be very clear at the very onset, I am not going to tell you to leave your lover for your adult sex toys, be it your dildo or a sex doll. Nor do I want to tell you that sex with a doll or vibrator is either superior or inferior to sex with a woman or man. What I want to share is the experiences of my boyfriend John and my own experiments with a range of adult sex toys. I realised, in the course of my conversations with lots of friends and during online chatting on forums, that there was a lot of misconception about adult sex toys and the joys they bring to us. What people do not realise is that sex with adult sex toys is different, for lack of a better word, than sex with their lover. Let us list a few key differences for you.

Martha on Dildo vs. Penis

You must agree that dildo resembles a penis closely, but can it replace the penis for a woman? I have tried all kinds of dildos and have had my share of lovers. And my experience is that Dildos are not as soft as the penis, nor do they have the same warmth. However, the advantage of a dildo vis-à-vis a penis is that a dildo does not lose its shape, you do not have to arouse it. I can use it the way I like, decide the speed and pace and manipulate its movements. I do not have to worry about early ejaculation. Also, a dildo is easy to clean and carry while I travel and usually lasts much longer than a lover.

John on Tenga Eggs & Tenga Cups vs. Vagina

Well, thank you, Martha for that last bit on ‘dildo lasting longer than a penis’. Let me share my experiences with Tenga Eggs and Cups. To begin with Tenga Eggs & Tenga Cups are excellent devices for masturbation. They are super-easy to use and super pleasure-giving devices. One of my favourite fantasies I engage while using a Tenga Eggs &Tenga Cups on my penis is that I am making love to a silky smooth and young Japanese Geisha. Maybe part of the reason is that Tenga Eggs & Tenga Cups originated in Japan.

Anyhow, another plus point is the joy you get by using the Tenga Eggs & Tenga Cups that come in a mind-boggling variety. No offense to my lover, Martha, but the female vagina, though enjoyable, does not offer so much choice. Yes, the Tenga Eggs & Tenga Cups do not have the kind of warmth as a vagina offers, offer silky smoothness and joyous sensations with all those numerous dots and design patterns on its inner surface that give your penis the ultimate pleasure.

Martha on Vibrator vs. Penis

I look at Vibrators more or less, as a sophisticated version of the dildo. In fact, one of my friends like to call them as dildos with batteries. The advantage of using a vibrator is once I flick the switch and it comes to life, it sends sensation all along my vagina. For me, that is the only way to achieve a great and fulfilling orgasm. Also they are easy to carry and if you keep enough spare batteries, they do not ditch you, no matter how long is your holiday. In comparison, the pleasure I get from my lovers’ penis is dependent on his mood. Another factor is his own sex-drive or hastiness to achieve climax that robs me of enjoying the lovemaking session for as long as I ideally would. So vibrators are my fall back option, one that has never failed me.

Sex with your lover vs. Sex with Sex-Toys 3

John on Sex Doll vs. Lover

I am obsessed with sex-dolls and find them amongst the best adult sex toys ever designed. They do not talk back, they are always ready and they submit to you totally. And the best part is that you can pick the sex dolls that catches your fancy and enjoy them for weeks or months and then buy a new sex doll. It is like getting a new lover, without the baggage of previous relationship bothering you. Nowadays, they model the sex doll on various adult movies stars, with the vagina shaped as real as the real woman. I find them a pleasure to enjoy that every man must try. My only fear is that sometimes you become so used to your sex doll that you start imagining them for real and think of them as a replacement for a girlfriend or wife.

Sex with your lover vs. Sex with Sex-Toys Sex Dolls

Martha on Anal Toys vs. Penis

If you enjoy anal sex, then you will find anal toys for women and butt plugs for men an absolute necessity. They have a dual advantage, firstly, they help prepare anus for the penis, by slowly enlarging the path to accommodate a penis. Secondly, they can be used as an adult sex toy. I prefer an anal sex toy to a penis, primarily because of the size. I can select an anal toy that fits my anus, unlike the penis that has its own size, which sometimes cannot be accommodated in the anus. That is especially true in the case of a woman, who is just starting out with anal sex delights.

People either think of adult sex toys as an offence to their manhood/womanhood or they consider them a replacement for a man or woman. Both are extreme positions; the fact of the matter is that adult sex toys compliment and add to the pleasure of sex with your lover. And if you are alone, either because of choice or compulsion, then adult sex toys help you satisfy yourself sexually, without risking exposure to STD (sexually transmitted diseases. All you need is a good lubricant, proper hygiene and storage to enjoy your adult sex toys to their fullest. I hope you enjoyed reading John and my adventures with the adult sex toys and will share your views on them as well.

Sex with your lover vs. Sex with Sex-Toys

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