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How Geisha Balls Give You A Tighter Vagina

Posted: Mar 07 2017

How Geisha Balls Give You A Tighter Vagina Introduction First


Do you worry about the losing strength of your vagina with age? Or have you recently gone through childbirth and feel that your vagina is not as tight as it was earlier? There is a simple remedy to address both these situations that every woman faces in her lifetime – Ben Wa Balls or Geisha balls. You may be surprised to know that Geisha balls is one of the oldest sex toy or sex exercise device that was invented in 500 A.D. in Japan.


What Are Ben Wa Balls / Geisha Balls?


Ben Wa Balls are marble sized balls that are made up of a variety of materials like silicone, latex, glass, and metal. They come in different sizes and weights and can be used as per a woman’s need. Every Ben Wa Balls has a free ball inside the outer layer that moves around and provides sensation to the vagina. They are known by a variety of names such as Geisha balls, Orgasm balls, Burmese bells, or Kegel balls.


How Geisha Balls Give You A Tighter Vagina What Is


Benefits of Geisha Balls / Ben Wa Balls


The biggest benefit of the Geisha balls is the strengthening of your pelvic muscles. These muscles run from your pelvic bone to your tailbone and are responsible for controlling the urinary tract and also contraction and expansion of muscles during intercourse. Regular use of the geisha balls helps in bringing back the strength of the PC muscles or Pubococcygeus. Not only this ensures that you retain urinary control even in old age but also helps you to enjoy sex with a tighter vagina.


How to use Geisha Balls / Ben Wa Balls?


Using the Geisha balls is easy; all you need to do is sit down, open up, relax your muscles and after applying appropriate lubrication slip the geisha balls in your vagina. Depending upon your need and experience, you can insert either 1 or 2 geisha balls in your vagina. Many women have reported that inserting geisha balls is like inserting a tampon. I will be honest with you; using the geisha balls is not as straightforward as using a vibrator or dildo. But once you try it, you will find that after 1 or 2 false starts, you are easily able to insert it and use it.



How To Use Geisha Balls / Ben Wa Balls?


Once you have the geisha balls inside, you get a funny, tickling feeling. You feel your vagina is ‘full’ and with your movements like walking, running or rocking; you can feel the balls moving inside you. You need to try to hold on to the balls with your vaginal muscles, just as you would try to hold off your urine – this is the Kegel exercise that Doctors advice to strengthen the PC muscles. While you may need to consciously control the contractions of your pelvic muscles to ‘hold-on’ to the balls, this becomes involuntary with practice. Almost as simple as exercising your fingers, when tired of typing on the keyboard.


Wearing Geisha Balls / Ben Wa Balls At Work?


Now, you may wonder how long to use the geisha balls at a stretch. While there is no medical limitation on using the geisha balls and keeping them inside your vagina; I would still suggest that you start with modest goals. I used them for 30 minutes for the first week and then gradually increased with every passing week. You can, of course, follow your own rhythm and speed on the basis of your comfort and mastery of using the geisha balls. Once you become accustomed of holding on to the geisha balls; you can keep them inside your vagina for the whole day and even ‘wear’ them to work. However, do not try this until you are confident of holding on to them. If you lose control or sneeze and cough strongly, you may end up throwing out your geisha balls, which can be embarrassing in your workplace.


How Geisha Balls Give You A Tighter Vagina Wearing It At Work


No Fear Of ‘Losing’ Them Inside


I remember the first time I saw and held the geisha balls in my hands. I wondered, “How can I put them inside my body?” The reason is that the balls have no wide base that keeps any part of them outside the vagina and which makes pulling out an easy task. My biggest fear was that I would ‘loose’ the ball inside of my body. It was after my Doctor’s assurance and wide research on the Web that I found out that it was simply impossible to lose the balls inside me. On the contrary, the concern should be that you do not throw the balls ‘out’ of your vagina unintentionally.


Which Size to Buy?


Now that you have decided to buy geisha balls, you may wonder as to which size to buy? Once you are able to hold on to them for long durations by training your pelvic muscles, you can upgrade to smaller and heavier balls. The goals here are twofold; first is to gradually increase the strength of your pelvic muscles and the second is to increase your pleasure that the geisha balls invariably bring.


Single or Double


You can find that the geisha balls are available as single or double balls. I would again suggest that you start with modest goals that is one ball for beginners and two balls for the veteran. Of course, there is no clear distinction between the beginner and veteran, as far as timeline is concerned. If you feel that you are able to hold on to the 1 geisha balls after just a fortnight, you can go ahead and order the set of 2 balls. It varies from person to person and you should let your comfort and capability be your guide. The idea is not to rush things but to make the exercise pleasurable and successful for you.


How Geisha Balls Give You A Tighter Vagina Best Tips


String or No String?


You will find that the geisha balls comes in two distinct varieties. These are geisha balls with string and geisha balls without string. The benefit of the geisha balls with string is that it makes for easy retrieval. When you want the geisha balls out, you simply hold the string and pull it out. On the flip side, the end to the string keeps hanging outside the vagina, which you may feel annoying or irritating. The cleaning of the string is also a problem after every use, unless you buy geisha balls with non-porous string. One the other hand, the geisha balls without a string easily slip into the vagina and can be ‘ejected’ just by a little effort of your vaginal muscles. As simple as ‘pushing’ or making the effort to empty you bladder or bowels.


Cleaning, Reuse & Lubrication


Like other adult sex toys and external devices, it is absolutely essential to clean the geisha balls after every use. Not only it helps removes any invisible bacteria, fungus or infections, it ensures that the geisha balls is not covered with microscopic ‘tears’ that are secreted during intercourse. I would suggest that you use a good cleaning liquid to ensure that the geisha balls are properly cleaned and primed for reuse.


It is also important to use a good lubrication with the geisha balls as it helps the balls to slip in the vagina and makes for better or superior experience inside the vagina. Once inside, the natural moistness of the vagina ensures their easy ejection, although lubricants help to make the ejection process smoother.


Geisha Balls Use As Sex Toy


Remember the little history lesson in the beginning? You will be surprised to know that the geisha balls was invented as a pleasure toy for men in Japan. The idea was that when a woman had the balls in her vagina, it tightened the muscles and also rubbed the penis, which gave extra pleasure to her lover. The woman also benefited with the sensation and pleasure waves that geisha balls gave her during intercourse.


The geisha balls are a hidden gem, as far as sex toys are concerned. The movement of the geisha balls and the contractions of the pelvic muscles bring immense pleasure to the women. In fact, if you use them for the entire day, you can experience sexual arousal that leads to great sex with your lover. Let me share some of the most popular ways to use geisha balls as a sex toy.


Rocking: To use this method, you simply need to insert the geisha balls inside your vagina and take the sitting position. You can then rock back and forth with your legs close the each other. This position brings intense pleasure and arousal.


How Geisha Balls Give You A Tighter Vagina Use As Sex Toys


Medical Benefits of Geisha Balls


There are medically proven benefits of using the geisha balls that make them indispensable for every woman. They are not merely sex toys to be used for pleasure, but an essential medical aid that is required by every woman in her mid-30s or above. I would strongly recommend that you do not wait till reaching your 50s or 60s to buy and use these balls. The sooner you start with them, the better it will be for you in the advancing years. The major medical benefits of the geisha balls are:


Kegel exercises: The Kegel exercises increase the strength of the muscles of your vagina. This is essential to make your vagina tighter and get over the muscle loosening that is caused by childbirth and advanced age.


Urine control: If you have a weak bladder, you will understand what I mean. And if you are lucky not to have a weak bladder, you still need the geisha balls to ensure that you retain urine control after your 40s. Geisha balls are medically proven and recommended to achieve this. In addition to helping you with your bladder, the geisha balls also support your uterus and rectum.


How Geisha Balls Give You A Tighter Vagina Magnetic Introduction


Best Tips


Some of the best tips to use the geisha balls that I have collated from my own experience are these:


Empty your bladder: It is common sense really, you should empty your bladder before inserting the geisha balls up your vagina. It saves you the trouble of reinserting, in case you inadvertently throw out the balls while urinating.


Up or down: You can either keep the geisha balls down and close to the mouth of your vagina. Or you can push them upwards for better control and superior pleasure. It depends both on your individual preference and your experience of playing with the balls.


Magnetic Balls


The magnetic balls are an interesting variant of the geisha balls. They are like your conventional geisha balls, except that the two balls are magnetic. That helps them to join together, once inside your vagina. They give their own set of sensations that my lover and I both found exciting.


Geisha balls are more than a lifestyle or adult sex toy. They are an absolute necessity for every woman. Their proven medical benefits and erotic capabilities have made them the favourite device of every woman who has used them.


How Geisha Balls Give You A Tighter Vagina Magnetic

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