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The Oral Sex Tips You Can’t Live Without

Posted: Aug 28 2015

The Oral Sex Tips You Can’t Live Without Introduction

Everyone has been there. And by there I mean down there. You’re with your lover, you’re poised and willing to give them the best oral sex of their lives and then…it’s not as fantastic as you want it to be, for them or you. One of the stops along the road to greatness is a place where you recognize where you may be lacking. There’s always room for improvement! Do you think Galileo came up with the whole earth rotating around the sun thing all at once? No way! Greatness is a learning process. So get ready for some of the best oral sex tips you’ve ever read in this guide to oral sex and prepare yourself for greatness.

The Art of the Blowjob

A lot of men seem to be operating under the misapprehension that women hate giving head and that they only do it to either entice a man or as a precursor to their own good time. Fellas, let me just settle something for you right now – a lot of women love to give oral sex. And not because it’s expected of them, but because it’s fun to do! It might be true that some women do it entirely to be fair to their partners but you’d probably be surprised if you polled women on the street and asked how many of them love to give a good blowjob. Though, I wouldn’t suggest going out and polling strangers unless you want a few well-placed punches to the head and shoulders. Just take our word for it, ok?

To Give and Receive

Oral sex is a give and take kind of thing, and most people focus on the giving, but have you ever stopped and thought about how you take it? What do you do with your hands? Should you talk? You know, I checked to see if Miss Manners or Emily Post had any suggestions on the subject and came up empty handed. I recommend that you do what feels natural. If your partner likes to get rough, don’t be afraid to get a little rough with some head tugging or hair pulling. If they get turned on by moans or screams, and you enjoy moaning or screaming, I say go with your bad self.

Tips for the Ladies

Ladies, I understand that getting down and looking old one eye directly in the eye can be a bit intimidating – but it doesn’t have to be. Yes, I know there’s a lot of stuff going on down there between the penis, the balls and the anus, but you just have to learn to (pardon my word choice) juggle it all. Not literally, only figuratively of course. Unless your partner is into that kind of thing, that is. Don’t be afraid to get your hands involved and touch him at the base of the shaft or cup the balls. It’s a playground down there, and your hands don’t have to be idle.

If you find that your tongue and/or jaw need a bit of a break from the festivities, there’s a way to do this without stopping the action. You can just pull back and focus on the head for a while or grab the lube and use your hands to pump - you can even do both of those things together and I guarantee he will forget his name for a while. Remember, a little flavored lube goes a long way!

Are you worried about performing the deep throat maneuver? Gagging is probably not the most attractive thing you’ve ever done and it’s completely understandable that it needs to be avoided in the bedroom. The best way to deep throat him is to make him think you’re deep throating him. Put the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth and his penis will hit the underside of your tongue. It provides the same sensation without any of the gagging.

Now for the biggest question – do you swallow or not? This is entirely up to you and what you want to do. If you don’t want to swallow his spunk, then don’t. He’s still having an orgasm either way. So spit or don’t spit, let him ejaculate on other parts of your body if he wants and you don’t mind. Some people think that what a guy eats can alter the taste of his semen, but the jury is still out on that one. For now, do what you are most comfortable with.

Oral Sex Tips for Men

Look, if you’re going to perform oral sex on your woman it’s really an all or nothing kind of thing. A lot of women I know haven’t been that impressed with the oral sex they’ve gotten in their lives – you don’t want to be the oral sex was just ok guy. Remember that whole pep talk about greatness? Well, here’s how to be great!

Make sure she’s comfortable. A woman is not going to enjoy what you’re doing unless she’s comfortable with the situation. Don’t rush it and let her really enjoy it. Comfort isn’t just mental either. You need to make sure that she’s physically comfortable. So, prop her hips up with some pillows or have her in a position that she can relax in but also allows you to get into the adventure you’re about the embark upon!

The Oral Sex Tips You Can’t Live Without Conclusion

A Few Good Tips for Everyone

There are a few more things you can do to take your oral sex sessions to the next level. First, if your partner is uncomfortable with the idea of oral sex or can’t relax enough to enjoy it and let go, then turn the lights off. You can try lighting a candle or just going for it in the dark, but many people find the dark helps to keep their attention focused on the sensations they are experiencing.

If you’re a lady and you’re looking for a way to surprise your man, then try sweeping him off his feet with a little oral when he gets home. That’s right, don’t even say hello – just attack him the minute he crosses that threshold and show him in a different way how you’ve been thinking about him all day long.

Both men and women can feel a little self-conscious about how they smell down below. That’s ok and it’s natural to feel this way. You can alleviate any kind of trepidation you may feel with a quick shower before a date. This way you can go into with the confidence you should have!

Oral Sex Rules

When it comes to oral sex there are no rules, you have to do what works for you and your partner. These oral sex tips are only here to help you enhance your oral sex life. Explore and remember that greatness is just around the corner!

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