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The Definitive Cyber Sex Guide

Posted: Aug 21 2015

The Definitive Cyber Sex Guide Introduction


Cyber sex: we’ve all done it. No, seriously, you can admit it because it’s really nothing to be ashamed of. 30 years ago people went to bars to meet potential dates. Today, the internet connects you with people all over the world. You’re bound to find someone you find attractive online and one conversation can lead to other, more daring, things. There’s no shame in that! In fact, I think it’s pretty interesting exactly how technology has changed how we have sex. I mean, it’s really getting to the point where someone halfway across the world will be able to touch you – or it will at least feel like they are! Here are some interesting ways that technology is taking cyber sex, and our sex lives, to the next level.


A Brave New World


I can remember being excited when I found out that I could make a dildo using my partner’s penis as a model, but oh how times have changed! I can remember finding my dad’s “Playboy” magazines and looking through them with wonder. Now, in an incredibly eco-friendly way, the internet brings porn right to your laptop. I’m pretty sure that 3-D porn is on the horizon!


Hi-Tech Sex


Sex toys are a cornerstone of the sex industry, but now you can buy vibrators that can be used by both partners at the same time as well as vibrators that can be controlled, via smartphone, by your partner who could be thousands of miles away. There’s an app for that! Heck, there’s even a virtual sex device that syncs up with digital media for a “realistic experience”. I’m guessing that means that it will make you feel like you’re actually participating in the pornography you’re watching. That’s both kind of a disturbing and fantastic.


Cyber Sex Highway


Virtual worlds have opened up a whole new realm of online sex. In places online like “Second Life” you can create your own avatar which you can then interact with other people through. You can have virtual sex through your avatar with another person’s avatar and your avatar can even buy sex toys. It’s a whole virtual world for you to live out sexual fantasies that you may not try in real life.


You’re a Doll


Sex dolls are really coming up in the world. I’m talking about more than just your average plastic sex dolls too. You’ve seen the “Real Dolls” (and the men who love them) I’m sure, but now they’ve stepped up the sex doll game with Roxxxy the sex robot. Roxxxy is an AI, and she speaks, senses motion and even touch. It’s a little creepy and a lot interesting. Don’t get me wrong, I think if I could afford it I’d have gotten a really good sex doll a long time ago, plus I own a plethora of sex toys so I understand the appeal! Let he who has not used a sex toy make the first judgement!




There are apps for everything these days, including who you may be in your area that wants to hook up! Social networking apps that connect people based on location are a new way people are meeting up and hooking up. Where were all of these fabulous things when I was in college?


The Sex Toy Superhighway


Honestly, just being able to purchase things online I would guess has really enriched people’s lives. I honestly wouldn’t have gone into a sex toy store to buy a strap on a few years ago, but I sure as heck will buy one online! I think it’s pretty great that technology, as well as cyber sex, have allowed people to explore things about their sexuality that they may not have before.


Cyber Sex Know How


So, have you been wondering about cyber sex but not sure how to do it exactly? Well, there may an app for that too that I’m unaware of, but since we’re all here now let’s just go over the basics. If you’re interested in it, the first step is to find a partner! You need to remember, however, that even though it’s cyber sex you still want to be choosy. You wouldn’t hook up with just anyone in real life, so don’t just go to any old site on the internet to do it either. You need to find someplace that will ensure your privacy and safety. So, try sites like Adult Friend Finder,, Get It On (sometimes a name says it all!), and Social Flirt are all great places to start.


Once you’ve found a site that looks good, think about what it is you’re looking for. What kind of cyber sex are you in the market for, exactly? Then, go about finding a partner to do it with. Communicate with any potential cyber hook-ups what is you want and make sure if you have limits then those are communicated too.


One of the best parts about cyber sex is that it’s a forum in which you can let your inhibitions go and let your imagination out to play. Indulge in the fantasies that you may not at any other time. To start it off, talk to your cyber partner about what you like about them. Give them a compliment and you can be guaranteed that this will grease their wheels to get the conversation flowing. You have to be really descriptive in what you want. After all, in lieu of physical touch you’re going to have to stimulate their brain and to do that you have to paint the most vivid picture that you can. Just remember to let go and have fun with it.


The Technological Revolution


It’s a pretty incredible time to be alive, and we get to reap the benefits of the advancing technology around us. This means a whole new world of sex and new way to meet people and fall in love. Just remember to stay safe and stay true to yourself, including your real needs and desires. Above all, just have fun!

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