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10 Myths about Sex Toys and Women

Posted: Dec 14 2016

10 Myths about Sex Toys and Women Introduction


There are various myths about women and the adult sex toys that we need to dispel before we find the best toys for the girls. One of the best pieces of advice I got was that the only thing women will ever agree upon is that men do not understand them. And that all men would readily agree. Before we list out the common myths, try answering two simple questions. Do you think that women and sex toys are not compatible? Do you think women do not like to use sex toys? If the answer to one or both these questions is yes, then read on.


Myth No 1: Women Do Not Like Rabbit Vibrator Toys


This is one of the most popular myths. It is quite surprising that despite the liberation of the 60’s people still cling to this false notion. Let us state clearly at the onset. Nearly all women who have ever used a Rabbit Vibrator toy have enjoyed using it. If you are a woman, and by a slim chance you have not used an adult sex toy till now, we challenge you to buy a rabbit vibrator toy of your choice and find out how it adds fun to your sex life. You can start with an inexpensive but good quality dildo or vibrator and then more on to more exotic things. The mind-boggling variety of adult sex toys for women that are available today go on to show the rising popularity of these fun toys with women of every age group, ethnicity and region. I would urge you to find and select a rabbit vibrator toy of your choice, rather than leaving the task to your lover.


And if you are a man, have your girl decide and select which adult sex toy she wants to start out with. You can, of course, give your suggestions, but the decision should be hers.


10 Myths about Sex Toys and Women Rabbit Vibrator Toys


Myth No 2: Women Do Not Buy Rabbit Vibrator Toys


Wrong! With billions of dollars in sales each year, the adult sex toy industry has outlasted the doomsayers, who considered it a passing fad. And do you think that this industry makes its money only by selling masturbations toys and adult DVDs to men? You will be surprised to know that adult sex toys for women form a substantial part of sales for various online and offline stores. Increasingly, women directly order their favourite rabbit vibrator toys online, rather than asking their men to do it for them. It is common knowledge that women’s visit to the brick and mortar adult sex toys shop is still quite low, for obvious reasons. But that is slowly changing with new stores inaccessible locations and friendly female staff. Many women prefer to touch and feel the rabbit vibrator toys for their softness/hardness, shape and size before they buy it. However, if you are one of those, who prefer to shop in the comfort of your home, you can search through the vast catalogue of options and pick up the adult sex toys that you fancy.


10 Myths about Sex Toys and Women Do Not Buy Rabbit Vibrator Toys


Myth No 3: Women Do Not Need Rabbit Vibrator Toys


Do you remember the days you started out with sex? The chances are that like me, you also enjoyed both quickies and marathon sessions of love-making, using pretty much nothing except the sexy bits and experimenting with various positions. But with age things change, and you want to experiment with new lovers and new things. And there comes in the need of the adult sex toys that bring spice, pleasure and fulfilment in your sex-life. Thanks to the internet, young girls today are as aware of the variety of adult sex toys available as their elder and mature cousins. If you get a chance, view some classic porn and you will be surprised by the kind of dildos and vibrators women used until a few decades earlier.


I mean, no woman should have to put up with something that ancient! But thankfully the manufacturers have been listening to their users and thanks to the feedback and demand of our elder sisters; we know have far better and a wider variety of adult sex toys to choose from. There is also a sea change that has come is in the attitude of women and also men. Your lover will not be surprised or shocked to find the adult sex toys that you have stocked in your closet or carry with you in your handbag. If anything, he will compliment you for your taste and boldness. When you introduce or use a rabbit vibrator toy, you are making a powerful statement that you have as much right to obtain sexual satisfaction as your male or female lover. It pretty much assures that your lover will not take you for granted and will get the message that your fulfilment is as important as his/her own.


10 Myths about Sex Toys and Women Do Not Need Rabbit Vibrator Toys


Myth No 4: Heterosexuals Do Not Require Adult Sex Toys


This myth was blasted long before 50 shades of Grey was released. Rabbit Vibrator toys for women is now as much mainstream as porn. I remember how some years in the past, I had to request my boyfriend to pick up some really hot XXX movies for the weekend. But that was before the advent of the YouTube and online porn. And as a trade-off I had to wear costumes or lingerie that he liked to see me in, not that I mind it too much. The case was no different with the adult sex toys; the choice was limited to the basic dildo or vibrator and then too I had to convince my boyfriend to pick up the toy for me. He wondered aloud why I needed a dildo, but the explosive and multiple rounds of sex we had after including the dildo in our love play made him change his mind quickly.


I challenge any woman or man to introduce rabbit vibrator toy as part of their lovemaking and see the amazing results it brings for them. The reason is not hard to understand; for adult sex toys bring fun into sex, much like high-grade porn. While things like candle light dinner, strong beer or liquor and good music definitively set the mood for a sexual encounter, it is the porn, rabbit vibrator toys and foreplay that are an integral part of stimulating and satisfying sex. So, whether you are heterosexual, homosexual or a bisexual woman, you definitely need rabbit vibrator toys to achieve multiple and fulfilling orgasms.


10 Myths about Sex Toys and Women Heterosexual


Myth No 5: Lesbian Couples Need Only One Adult Sex Toy


I will confess that I have had a few interesting encounters with women, although I am not a lesbian. Those encounters were of both fun and explorative nature and thankfully my partners were far more experienced and better equipped than me. Like most heterosexuals, I had this pre-conceived notion that lesbian sex involved only some foreplay, kissing, folding, soft words, whispers, cunnlings and vibrators.


Wrong! Thanks to the multitude of adult sex toys that are available, lesbian sexual encounters are varied, deeper and immensely fulfilling for both partners. You can look through the vast array of adult sex toys available for women and pick up those best suited for your same-sex encounters. You can pick up from a variety of vibrators or dildos, double ended dildos, strap-on dildos, to name just a few. Do not forget to buy good lubricants with the dildos and rabbit vibrator toys to enhance your experience.


10 Myths about Sex Toys and Women Lesbian Couples Need Only One Adult Sex Toy


Myth No 6: Vibrator/Dildo Is The Only Adult Sex Toy That Women Use


I still remember the first dildo I had used. A gift from my best friend in college, who thought she would shock me. But once I learned to use it, I discovered that the dildo actually helped me achieve earth shattering orgasms in a way that my lovers could not. I later graduated to a vibrator that ran on batteries. Initially, I was turned off by the sound of batteries but later found that it was a trade-off with the waves of sensations and pleasures that the vibrator gave me. Later on of course I moved on to better and softer toys that were as good, sometimes even better than a real penis. The mind-boggling variety of adult sex toys available makes you feel like a kid in a candy store. You are simply spoilt for choices. Although it still nowhere close to the toys available for men, it is still a good collection.


Doc Johnson Realistic Dildo


Myth No 7: Cheaper Vibrators Do The ‘Job’ Equally Well


If you do not take care of your body and your vagina, no one else well – the truth is as simple as that. As a girl, you can never be too careful about what you eat, drink or insert in your body. Keeping your private parts clean and free from bacteria, fungus and injury is the key to a happy and healthy sex life. Using cheap dildos or using dildos without proper lubrication is the recipe for disaster. There are better ways that you can save money than risking your health with cheap imitations of what is truly a wonderful gift a woman can have or can use for her enjoyment and fulfilment. Another big disadvantage of using cheap dildos is that they give you a scratching feeling and are a big turn off for most women. In fact, most of my friends who gave up using Rabbit Vibrator toys had been subjected to a cheap dildo that almost made them give up on the idea of using Rabbit Vibrator toys. It took some convincing on my part and high-quality Rabbit Vibrator toys that turned them round; something that they still thank me for.


10 Myths about Sex Toys and Women Cheaper Vibrators Do The ‘Job’ Equally Well


Myth No 8: Lubricants Are Not Necessary With Rabbit Vibrator Toys


That is the biggest misconception that a girl can have, or a man for that matter. Lubricants are absolutely necessary to use with any kind of adult sex toys that you use. Your saliva and secretions are nature’s way of lubricating the parts of the body involved in sexual activity, like vagina, mouth, nipples to name only a few. But this natural lubrication is not sufficient for sexual activity even when you are not using any sex toys. Whereas the use of rabbit vibrator toys requires proper lubrication, to let them ‘gel’ with the virgina. The lubricants ensure that you do not injure the sensitive wall of your vagina or anus, while allowing you to get maximum pleasure your adult with your sex toys. You can pick up the proper lubricant for you on the basis of the material used in your toy.


Intimate Earth Gentle Clitoral Gel Sexual Stimulant


Myth No 9: Rabbit Vibrator Toys Can Be Used With Multiple Lovers


You gotta be kidding girl! There is no way you should let another woman use your vibrator/dildo, which is as personal as your underwear. The only exception is the double-dildo when you and your lover are at the opposite ends of the dildo that works both ways. Even then I will strongly suggest that you wash, clean and dry the dildo after every use. For all other sexual encounters do no insert your dildo in any other vagina or anus except your own. Oh! And one more thing, even while using it yourself, do not use vaginal and anal dildos interchangeably.


10 Myths about Sex Toys and Women Multiple Lovers


Myth No 10: Rabbit Vibrator Toys May Give Women Health Problems


I wouldn’t say that it is laughable or that health problems never occur. In fact, I would advise you that if you feel any irritation in your virgina or pain, STOP that very instant. Take out the adult sex toy and let the pain go away. If the pain or irritation still continues, do not hesitate to consult your doctor. Mostly such problems occur if your buy and use the cheap imitations of the rabbit vibrator toys in the market or if your toy is unclean or if you have used without proper lubrication. Still, use your better judgement and buy a different rabbit vibrator toy in case you find the one you are using irritable to your skin.


Conclusion: I have covered only some the popular myths regarding women and the adult sex toys. There remain many more such myths that are part of what I like to call “urban legends” regarding sex. What is indisputable is every woman has the right and privilege to buy and use the adult sex toys of her liking. It not only brings pleasure, spice and kinkiness in lovemaking but also leads to a fulfilling sex-life.


Rabbit Vibrator Toys May Give Women Health Problems




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