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A Penis Pumps Can Help You Stay Longer Harder Effortlessly!

Posted: Aug 03 2015

A penis pump is generally a cylindrical object which can be placed around your penis causing a partial vacuum around the penis. Thiscauses blood to be drawn inside the penis allowing it to enlarge to its maximum potential. Sounds too technical?? Well, it feels awesome as well. Look it at like the best thing to buy for your bedroom, as good as any male masturbation toy you could dream of. While initially targeted towards people with erectile dysfunction, a number of different varieties of penis pumps can now be used to sustain longer and harder erections for the entire duration of your love making or BDSM adventures. After all, what’s wrong in going the extra mile when it doesn’t hurt you?

It’s not just about the size; the erection quality and sustainability matter a lot in the end. To improve the quality of your intercourse, sometimes it may be essential for you to finish off at a later period, sometimes going that extra distance makes all the difference between disappointment and ecstasy. So, the utility of a penis pump can hardly be overstated. A penis pump might be just the thing you and your partner need to reinvent your sex lives.

Penis Pumps- Whom Is It For Anyway?

A penis pump is a device meant to be used by men either to help overcome erectile dysfunction or to just maintain a long and sustained erection. To be clear, mostly men use a penis pump for the effective increase of the girth of the penis during coitus. There may be slight improvements to the length as well (but only temporary).

With penis pumps the most talked about thing is ‘packing’. Packing basically implies the condition wherein the inner chambers of the penis are filled completely and the comparisons are drawn with the inner wall of the pump. With a good pumping routine it is desirable that the dearly obtained enlargement is sustained.

Penis Pumps- Staying Longer Harder Is Easy And Fun Whom Is It For Anyway

Go In Hard And Come Out Wet

No we aren’t talking about swimming. Remember that using a penis pump is not just for your benefit. Your partner may be a little disappointed with the overall time and quality of the intercourse you two have been having. Make them feel that you are willing to go the additional mile by using something as simple as a penis pump. It’s smart and effective and beats using the blue pills any day (you can never be sure of the side effects can you?)

Selecting The Right One

It is crucial that you choose the penis pump that is perfect for you. If the cylinder of the pump is either too big or too small you will not see any of the desired results. If it’s too big then the scrotum may get squished during the pumping and that makes it an uncomfortable experience, if it is too small then you will never get the proper enlargement and the girth size will not improve. So, you have to carefully choose a penis pump with the size constraints in mind. Be sure to check the vacuum limiter which keeps a hold on the pressure so that during the course of the pumping the device does not end up hurting you.

What Are The Different Parts Of A Penis Pump?

The penis pump is a very simple and effective device. To dispel any apprehensions you may have about using one, we illustrate below the different parts of a conventional penis pump.

  • The chamber: Every penis pump comes with the chamber, which is basically a plastic cylinder. This comes in various sizes and the buyer needs to be acutely aware of the size requirements. It would be beneficial if the user kept a couple of centimeters of free space in between the penis and the walls of the chamber.
  • The Band: The band is suppose to pressurize the penis and increase the blood flow and is supposed to fit around the lower end of the penis while it’s erect.
  • The pump: The pump is responsible for creating the partial vacuum and increasing the flow of blood inside your penis. They can come in different varieties. There are hand powered pumps and battery enabled one. The former is cheaper.

    Choose The Way To Get Hard: Different Penis Pumping Techniques

    A penis pump is a remarkable way in which you can get hard and add a new dimension to your sex life. In twenty-first century’s fast paced existence we are continuously used to not only getting just what we want, we are also acutely aware of the means of taking things to the next level. Penis pumps are no exception, promising heightened sexual pleasures every time. Just remember to choose the penis pumping method that is suitable for your needs.

    Milking: The Good Old Heave Ho

    Some people consider milking to be the most efficient and fun method of penis pumping. Milking is kind of, well, masturbation. All you have to do is fit in the pump correctly and it recreates an up and down motion along the shaft of the penis. Give yourself a five-minute time window to acclimatize yourself with the pressure in the chamber. When properly done, milking helps in effective blood flow to the penis and stimulation of chambers inside which results in the perfect boner that you are looking for. A bit of caution however, milking excessively can cause ‘edema’ which basically means that an excess of bodily fluids collecting in the body tissues and cavities. This stems from a spike of blood pressure during the motions of the pump. Remember the adage - too much of a good thing can make you sick.

    Penis Pumps- Staying Longer Harder Is Easy And Fun Grey

    Wrapping: Bring On The Heat

    Wrapping is an interesting and effective method of penis pumping. The pump is built with a heating device. It supplies the penis with warmth while it is being used. Heat, just in case you didn’t know, is conducive to an erection. To put it scientifically, the warmth stimulates the flow of blood in and around the tissues in contact and thus facilitates an erection.

    Shakes: Technique For Improved Results

    The shakes technique has generated a lot of positive feedback. A quick stimulation to the nerve endings of your penis helps facilitate blood flow, resulting in a proper hard on. Remember to keep the penis inside the pump for an optimal period of time, because it is difficult to maintain the erection if it is kept inside the tube for a longer period of time. It stretches the skin and gives you added advantage of the precious extra little centimeters.

    Pulse Pumping: The Quick Throb To Get You Started

    Pulse pumping is a neat technique, and the penis pumps which facilitate pulse pumping uses quick variations of pressure to get you going. Firstly, you adjust the pump to a pressure point with which you feel comfortable. Make sure that it doesn’t hurt. Now decrease the pressure level slowly back to normal and then suddenly increase the pressure up to the maximum level. Keep doing this for the entirety of the session. With increased blood circulation and stimulation of the inner walls, maintain a hard on should not be a ‘big’ problem at all.

    How To Use A Penis Pump: Common Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

    If you have set your eyes on the kind of penis pump you want, the next step is to go through the steps outlined above for each individual category. Using a penis pump is quite easy once you get the hang of it. Having said that, there are some generic concerns you should keep in mind.

    Over Pumping:

    Everyone wants their sexual adventures to be perfect. Using a pump is a nice idea to get you hard and going but keep in mind that over pumping is avoidable. The vacuum created and the pressure exerted on your penis is conducive to that feeling of arousal that makes you disregard a bit of pain. This should be avoided at all costs because penile injuries related to over pumping are known to have occurred but to be rational and logical; it is pretty darn easy to avoid any injury altogether. All you have to do is not over pump in your zeal for a massive hard on.

    Sustained Use For Long Periods:

    Using a penis pump for a long period can be harmful. Make sure that you take a five-minute strategic time-out in the middle of the session, preferably after the first ten to fifteen minutes. If you are new to the world of pumps, then you should probably use it for not more than thirty minutes on your first time and don’t have more than two sessions in one day.

    It is important to remember that the pumps are meant to help you get a hard on and if used as per instructions they will work like clockwork. With regulated usage you won’t have any medical issues and at the same time bring life to your sexual escapades.

    The Dark Knight Rises- Why Use A Penis Pump

    Penis Pumps are the best way to get hard. With all the side-effects and heart problems related to pharmaceutical assistance, it is a smart idea to use a pump which is a mechanical device and has no adverse effects on the body. In fact, a penis pump could be the safest and most enjoyable solution to your erectile dysfunction problems. With no side effects, and perfect results from day 1, these pumps are nothing short of blessings for your sex life. Another excellent reason is that penis pumps are mostly inexpensive and do not need sustained expenses unlike the little blue pills. It removes the cost of any surgery that you had in mind as well as the risk. That apart, these devices have been in use for a long time and known to show huge benefits so you can safely count on the fact that you aren’t pulling the short straw. Plus, the market is inviting with some top notch, quirky, and downright naughty variants of penis pumps all set to introduce you to sexual adventures you never knew existed.

    In fact, penis pumps have helped greatly in treating people with a connective tissue disorder known as Peyronie’s disease which is responsible for unnatural shortening or curvature of the penis. These facts should fairly convince you of the need of a penis pump. Even if you do not have any medical issues, taking that extra bit of effort can seriously make a huge difference to your sex life and that of your partner.

    Penis Pumps- Staying Longer Harder Is Easy And Fun Tissue Disorder

    Getting The Facts Straight:

    People tend to have the notion that using a penis pump would result in a natural increase of their penis size. This is not the case. A penis pump will not help you change the size of the organ. What it will dohowever is help you get a more sustained erection as well as increase the girth of your penis over time.

    It’s a good idea to remove pubic hair before using the pump. This essentially seals off any air supply and helps creating the partial vacuum and pressure.

    Having a warm up routine helps to a great extent since it facilitates proper blood circulation in and around the area of your penis. Methods like Jelqing used in conjugation with the pump yields good results.

    For added comfort, it is desirable to use some Vaseline at the base of the shaft which comes in direct contact with the cylinder.

    After using the pump, wrap the penis with a hot towel which will get the circulation back to normal. Also remember to wash the pump with water and detergent to prevent the growth of bacteria. You will want to use it again, after all.

    Penis Pumps are therefore the most effective means of getting sustained erections (in terms of both cost and time). Make your sexual escapades more meaningful. Last longer as well as add the extra bit of girth. After all, little changes do end up creating big impacts. After all, you want to stand up like a tiger after your hunt on the bed, right?

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