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How to Master the G-spot Orgasm

Posted: Jul 28 2015

How to Master the G-spot Orgasm Introduction

Few things will serve to make you an unforgettable lover as mastering her g-spot. Let’s face it, there are a lot of mysterious things about women, but you don’t have to add her g-spot to that list. With a few simple tips, you can be the master of her g-spot and, therefore, the one that rocks her world off its axis! Here’s how to help your partner achieve the coveted g-spot orgasm!

What is the G-spot?

It’s magical, it’s mystical – it’s in the vagina. It’s a very sensitive area in the vagina that can, if stimulated correctly, bring on the mother of all orgasms. If you’ve heard of or seen squirting then the g-spot is the reason!

Where You Can Find It

The g-spot is kind of like the female version of a prostate (and if you’ve not had your prostate massaged then you are really missing out!). It’s about the size of a coin and it’s made up of spongy tissue that feels rough to the touch. It’s made of erectile tissue, so if she’s turned on it’ll be easier to find since it swells up when she’s aroused. It’s located in the vagina about one to two inches from the opening at the front of her vaginal wall, so if you’re facing her it’ll be towards you (toward her belly button from the inside).

To locate the g-spot, you will need to have your partner lie on her back with her legs apart and insert your middle finger into her vagina as far as you can comfortably. Then do “come hither” motions with your finger until you locate a rougher feeling spot. That’s the g-spot, and g-spot orgasms lie in wait!

If you don’t get a response with your efforts, ask her what she’s feeling. Sex is all about communication, after all, and if you’re going to tackle the g-spot, it’s going to take both of you. If you talk about it then you can move your finger around and apply varying degrees of pressure until you hit the jackpot. But try not to get too discouraged if you don’t get the reaction you’re looking for. There’s a reason this is special, and that’s because it takes patience and perseverance to find and master. Remember – you are the master!

It’s worth noting, however, that not all women may experience discomfort when you find the g-spot and, therefore, may not be too into it. Fear not! Exploring your lover’s body is always a noble effort, and every woman, no matter the outcome, appreciates the attention.

All About the Tap

When you do find that g-spot and you’re getting a favorable reaction from your partner, it’s going to take a firm tapping movement with your finger to stimulate it correctly. My recommendation would be to use a g-spot vibrator when you’re investigating. One, it’s a great gift that will keep on giving, and two, they’re made just for the g-spot and will help you locate and stimulate.

And let’s not forget one of the best things to stimulate a g-spot with your penis. Use positions that will help your penis to rub against the front wall of her vagina. I would highly recommend doggy style or woman on top in order to achieve this!

Whatever you do, just remember that the destination isn’t as important as the journey. If you never help her to achieve a g-spot orgasm, the fact that you even know what a g-spot is and put on your Indiana Jones hat in order to help discover it will score major points for you. So get out there and spread the love!

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