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Master the Art Of Sensual Massage With Warming Body Oil

Posted: Jul 25 2015

Master the Art of Sensual Massage with Body Oil How Sensual Massage Works Introduction

Have you heard the news? If you’re trying to get your lady in the mood for a little tumble between the sheets, the best way to entice her is with a sexy massage. It seems so simple, but I’m not just talking about rubbing her shoulders for a few minutes and then getting it on. No way! You probably are aware by now that women prefer a little more finesse, and they like a man who can use his hands in creative ways. Don’t sweat it! We here at Joy Sex Toys Online have you covered and that’s why we’ve come up with this handy guide to hot massage foreplay that is guaranteed to get not only get her in the mood but also score you some serious points! It’s all about “A” for effort, friends! So without further ado, here’s how to become the master of the pre-sex massage. Grab that massage oil and let’s get started!

The Key to Massage

When you have your woman turned over on her stomach with her naughty bits turned away from you, the message you’re sending her is that you care not just about the parts of her anatomy that make you feel good, but how she feels all over. In other words, you want to make her feel good. This allows her to relax and to stimulate the parts of her body that will make your tumble in the hay one neither of you will ever forget – all without directly going for her most erogenous zones like her breasts or vagina. The erotic massage you’re about to deliver will help the both of you to realize other zones of her body that are erogenous, and that can only add the pleasure you are both about to receive. Plus, it stimulates bonding between partners, and feeling closer to your partner is always a good start.

Also remember, the goal here is to get her relaxed but not to put her asleep. That would kind of defeat the entire purpose, because what you’re trying to do is relax her but also wake her up sexually. Erotic massage is different from regular massage because it seeks to create feelings of being sexually turned on while at the same time incorporating tickling and sensuous feelings and you glide and graze your hands over her boy. Relax and arouse should be your mantra!

How Sensual Massage Works

Look, if you want to call yourself a master at sensual massage then you have to understand not only the goals, but the reasons why these techniques work. See, all over a woman’s body (and yours too, for that matter) are pressure points that if massaged will release tension and relax the body. Getting her relaxed will allow her to have multiple orgasms in a shorter amount of time than you would see otherwise.

Massage as a part of foreplay can be one of the most crucial things you do to guarantee her satisfaction. Investing in foreplay with our lady will always pay off. I don’t mean that you have to massage every time but it is a great thing to mix into your bedroom antics in order to mix things up from time to time. Don’t forget, variety is the spice of life – especially your sex life.

Master the Art of Sensual Massage with Body Oil How Sensual Massage Works Sensual Massage

Step One to Sensual Fun

First and foremost, have you done the required manscaping? A woman may not tell you this directly, but a man who is trimmed all over, from nails to his face to his nether regions, is a big turn on. Plus, you don’t want to slip and gouge something important with a fingernail during the massage, so make sure you clean yourself up!

To do this massage right you have to set the mood because telling her to flop down in the lounge on the floor while the dog jumps around barking is not conducive to relaxation or sexy feelings for anyone. Setting the right mood will help to get her in the mood much quicker. So, here’s what you need to do!

First, dim the lights. There has to be some light so you can see what the heck you’re doing (and believe me, you want to see what you’re doing!). If you don’t have a dimmer on your lights just buys a couple of lamps or even light up a few candles.

Next, grab a towel. You will want to use massage oil in this process but you’ll want to be careful to protect your bed or whatever surface you’re going to be on from the oil and anything else that happens to get spilled! You know what I’m talking about…

Make sure to check the room temperature too. If it’s not just right then your lady will not be able to relax and neither will you. You also may want to make the room smell nice. Scented candles or an oil diffuser are great tools for this!

Finally, you need the right music choice. I really don’t think this is a time to dust off that old Metallica album or even the Neil Diamond. You want classical or something that is relaxing and you will want to play it softly in the background. Remember, you lady is the main attraction, not the music.

Oil Her Up

Massage oil is of great importance here. You don’t want to use too much since you want to create some friction, but you want to use enough to make your strokes smooth. Part of this will be accomplished by technique, and part of this will be in your massage oil selection. Joy Sex Toys Online has some great choices for massage oil that are not only high quality, but also very versatile. If you’re in a pinch, though, you can use oils you may have around your house. Grapeseed oil is one of the best natural oils that won’t irritate your lady’s vagina when you’re using some of the techniques we’re going to talk about in a bit. Rose oil is also a great massage oil because it smells fantastic. Sandalwood oil is also useful because sandalwood is thought to increase libido too. Double whammy!

Intimate Earth Chai Massage Oil

It’s All About Technique

Ok, I don’t want to put any pressure on you but how great this massage will be for the both of you all hinges on your technique, so make sure to pay close attention. You still want to be the master of this, don’t you? Well, let’s do this!

After getting naked, start by oiling up your hands (and make sure they’re warm!) and her body and once you feel there’s enough start with short, circular hand movements that turn into long glides and then back to circular movements. Feel for any knots on her body and pay special attention to these areas until they feel less tense.

You will want to begin on her upper back, move to her lower back and then down to her bottom and legs for the first 15 or so minutes. Spend two to three minutes on each area as you slowly work your way down. You may want to spend some extra time on the bottom. It helps to increase blood flow to the naughty regions that will help with clitoral stimulation for her. This is both relaxing her and building anticipation.

After you’ve worked your way down to her legs, ask her to turn over. She should keep her eyes closed as you begin to gently massage her breasts, stomach, arms and legs. You can massage her feet too if you’re into it and so is she. Again, spend two to three minutes on each of these body parts.

Now that you’ve relaxed her from head to toe it’s time to get to the really fun parts. Slowly begin massaging her vagina and surrounding areas slowly. If you hear any moans or whimpers at any point during this, then you’re doing it right! Then you can begin to move onto the G-spot finger stroking technique.

Master the Art of Sensual Massage with Body Oil How Sensual Massage Works Technique

Tips For Total Pleasure

If you’re wondering where your body should be positioned during all of this then here’s what you need to know. One, you should be naked too. And two, you should be straddling her. This will not only produce some delicious friction for the both of you, but turn the heat up a notch for her if you’re getting exciting through making her feel good.

It’s a total master move to periodically lean down and whisper something sexy or naughty into her ear. You could even go with something as simple as “how does that feel?” to give her the shivers in a very good way and turn her on.

As you begin the massage, and until you get to know what she likes, you need to ask her how much pressure feels good. Too much will be painful, too little won’t accomplish your goals. Take things slow and you should be fine!

True master status in all of this comes from the fact that she knows you appreciate the journey as much as the destination. The point isn’t to just have sex with her, but to connect and to make her feel good. You can take this up a notch by running a hot bath for both of you after the massage is over and then returning to the bedroom. Total pimp move!

Are You Ready?

Well, what do you think? Are you ready to tackle the sensual massage and start the first step on your journey to mastering both the massage and your woman’s erogenous zones? Well, there’s no time like the present to get started, so ask your woman tonight if she wants to try some new things you learned about today and then let us know how it worked out for you!

Master the Art of Sensual Massage with Body Oil Are You Ready

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