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The Most Unbelievable Sex Facts Ever!

Posted: Jul 23 2015

The Most Unbelievable Sex Facts Ever Introduction

The human body is weird. There, I said it. The human brain is even stranger. Are our brains and our bodies just slaves to our hormones? Sometimes it seems like they might be. As evidence, I present to you the most outlandish sex facts available via the internet. Prepare to be amazed, perhaps a little dumbfounded and a lot entertained!

Women: the Wonderfully Weird

I’m not calling women weird, because as one I understand that sometimes the things my body does are beyond my control. Ok, a lot of what my body does in beyond my control. But it appears as if women are more likely to cheat during the time of the month they’re ovulating. I can accept the fact that our purpose in life is to pass on our genetic material, and I guess sometimes that overrides good sense and we just have to find someone – anyone – to fertilize that egg.

Most women also lose their virginity between 15 and 19 and when asked said that they wished they’d waited longer. But if you wait too long, it apparently means that you may not lose it at all. If you’re still a virgin when you’re 24, you’re most likely going to stay that way.

Humans aren’t the only weirdos, though. A female ferret will die if she doesn’t have sex for a year. Talk about dying of anticipation. This is not true for human women, thank goodness. Our sexual desires have natural peaks and valleys, but we can live without sex – if we have to. That’s an unfortunate sex fact.

Men: Members Only

Society tells us a lot of stuff about sex and our bodies that are just myths. For example, both men and women are lead to believe that penis size is the be all end all of sexual fulfillment. FALSE! In fact, the average penis is only about five and half inches when erect.

Men see a lot of hip thrusting action during intercourse, which means it is a great way to burn calories. In fact, sex can burn anywhere from 100 to 200 calories a session, as opposed to 69 calories for women.

Men are also quite the fertile Myrtles. One man has enough sperm to impregnate every fertile woman on the planet, and I think I know a few guys who may think of this as their personal mission. That’s a sex fact with anecdotal evidence for you!

If you want your man to be up for some bedroom antics, try baking him a pumpkin pie. Not only will allow for creative uses of whipped cream in the bedroom, but the smell of pumpkin may also help to increase blood flow to the penis and encourage his little soldier to salute.

If you’ve ever looked at a man’s hands to try to see an indication of any of, uh, attributes you may be on to something. A man with more testosterone will have a ring finger as long or longer than their index finger. I know you’re going to be looking now. See? Sex facts can be handy!

All Together Now

So, we’ve determined that apart men and women are a little weird. Together, we’re downright bizarre. For example, almost two thirds of all women and men have thought about someone else when they were having sex with their partner. Usually, it’s someone with which actual sex is unattainable, but I can make sex better for both parties. Thanks, Thor.

And one more to leave you with: orgasms, just like sneezes, can’t be stopped once they have started. They are your body’s physiological response to something, so once that train has left the station – watch out! Sex fact!

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