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The G-spot Orgasm How To Find & Pleasure With Your Fingers

Posted: Jul 22 2015

The G-spot Orgasm How To Find & Pleasure With Your Fingers

The G-spot is highly debated. I know, I know. I think I heard that collective “psh!” as you all read this. I mean, if you have a vagina you are probably pretty certain, if not totally certain, that there is a g-spot. The question is how much time have you spent really exploring it? Really getting in there and getting your hands dirty and exploring that little area to see if you could unlock its secrets? Well, if you haven’t got it all figured out yet, have no fear. I am here to help you find all the ways to tickle your g-spot fancy and that, my friends, will hopefully lead to the ever-elusive g-spot orgasm.

What is it Anyway?

We’ll just start out with the basics – what is the g-spot? All the research I’ve read about the g-spot differs a bit when it comes to the size and exact location of it, but basically it’s some seriously sensitive tissue that feels really good when it’s touched the right way. It’s about an inch or so past your vaginal opening along the upper wall of your vagina, towards the front. The real beauty of the g-spot is that it feels completely different when stimulated than how it feels to have your clitoris stimulated. It feels deeper, and produces more of an all-over feeling of sexual stimulation. To put it simply: it’s the bomb.

Today, researchers think that the female g-spot is most like the male prostate. They know this because the chemicals produced by the tissues in this area are similar to the ones made by the prostate and those chemicals create a fluid that nurtures sperm.

Plus, when the g-spot is stimulated enough it can produce a kind of ejaculation, and that is knowns as the g-spot orgasm.

How to Find It

Ok, clear you mind. Now, imagine yourself on a warm beach, with the surf quietly crashing in the background, the sun warming your skin. Are you relaxed? Good, you need to be because this thing isn't going to find itself! Remember to be patient with yourself.

First, spread your legs and bend your knees up so that your vagina is easy to reach. Insert two of your fingers inside, palm up and press your fingertips against the center of your vaginal wall, towards the front. What you’re looking for is a spongy or slightly ridged surface, kind of like the roof of your mouth. If you can’t feel anything you may need to take some time to warm up, because it’ll be easier to find if you’re aroused. You’ll know you’ve hit gold when you feel the urge to pee. This will pass, but it’s the best way to know that you’re in the right spot.

G-Spot Friendly Sex Positions

If you want to get your guy involved in your mission, there are some great positions to try to stimulate that g-spot and hopefully bring you closer to the g-spot orgasms. Personally, variations of doggy style are always a winner. You also can’t go wrong with you on top, but leaning back just a bit in order to press his penis on the front wall of your vagina.

Missionary has it's merit’s too. If you prop your hips up with a few pillows, this will help him to hit the right spot, especially if he can work it at a slightly upward angle so every thrust brings you one step closer to g-spot orgasm nirvana.

And don’t be afraid to stimulate your clitoris along with g-spot. This can lead you to an even better and more satisfying orgasm.

You Have the Power

Just remember – everyone has a g-spot and just like other parts of your body it has to be worked in order for you to get the hang of it. It won’t happen overnight, but you have to keep in mind that it is within your power to give yourself a g-spot orgasm; you just have to be patient enough to find your sweet spot and unlock its secrets.

The G-spot Orgasm How To Find & Pleasure With Your Fingers Conclusion

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