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The Beginners Ultimate Guide To Clitoral Vibrators

Posted: Jul 17 2015

The Beginners Guide To Clitoral Vibrators Introduction


Are you running low on libido? Tired of using your or your partner’s fingers to stimulate you? Then it’s time for you to learn a bit about clitoral vibrators. The problem with stimulating your clitoris is that it’s a lot like giving a massage, it feels great when you start, but can get a bit monotonous if you don’t use a variety of techniques and change it up a bit, and it doesn’t stop there. It has been scientifically proven that if you don’t vary your technique, you could end with a numbed out vagina, or worse, you could even experience a bit of pain.


The common misconception about oral sex is that your partner (if it’s a man) will probably believe that wagging his tongue around your insides is all he needs to do to get you off. Well, that’s probably true in the initial phases of foreplay, but it’s going to amount to pretty much nothing over the course of your session. He needs to know that he’ll have to go beyond the call of duty if he really wants to see you gush. And just as any other skill, learning the art of clitoral stimulation will take incredible amounts of time and patience. We’re sure you and your lover have worked out the right strokes and the right licks to get each other going crazy. But why not explore more? So, when your partner isn’t around to lick you to glory, or when you both are looking to experiment, consider employing the use of a powerful, clitoral vibrator. So, whether you’re just masturbating by yourself or engaging with your “man-friend”, you’re definitely going to enjoy it, a lot!


What Are Clitoral Vibrators?


Confused between clitoral vibrators and regular ones? Don’t be, because they’re both the same and have been designed for clitoral stimulation, in order to help you achieve peak sexual pleasure and have an orgasm. Now although clitoral and regular vibrators are pretty much the same and can be used interchangeably, clitoral vibrators have been designed to massage the clitoris, and are generally not durable enough to use as a penetrative sex toy. But, a few of them have also been designed to stimulate of inner erogenous regions of your body.


I always feel that discretion is the most useful feature of any sex toy, whether it’s for mobility, convenience or even ease of maintenance. The sex toy industry has embraced this very fact and has designed a variety of clitoral vibrators that look exactly like regular everyday objects, at least at first glance. You can find them in the forms that closely resemble mobile phones, lipsticks, sponges, and other things that you can visualize for yourself. And while pretty much every vibrator in the world can be used for clitoral stimulation, there are a couple of varieties that have been exclusively designed for this specific purpose. The basic categories of clitoral stimulation devices include:


  1. Hands-free – These are the type of clitoral vibrators that can be used to stimulate the clitoris as well as the labia. They are typically held in place with straps or a full-blown harness, freeing the wearer's hands to do as they please. These include butterfly strap-ons, vibrating panties, and even cock rings.


The Beginners Guide To Clitoral Vibrators Lelo Noa Deep Rose Feature


  1. Strap-ons– These are basically sex toys that can be worn as underwear and might even feature interchangeable fitments, making them a very versatile tool for pleasuring yourself. Strap-ons can take the shape of a butterfly, flower or other animals.


The Beginners Guide To Clitoral Vibrators Your Very First Dildo A Beginners Guide Strap On


  1. Vibrating panties This is the most discreet of clitoral stimulators because they are sex toys disguised as normal underwear or even sexy lingerie, equipped with a well concealed vibrating element that will give you focused and localized vibrations. These devices provide all round intense pleasure and typically feature a remote controlled.


  1. Cock rings– A cock ring is technically a male sexual stimulator, but when used right, can give you immense sexual pleasure. A Cock ring typically features a vibrating bullet that stimulates the clitoris during intercourse or foreplay. It is a versatile device that gives pleasure to both partners at the same time.




    1. Manual – Manual vibrators or dildos are your run-of-the-mill generic sex toys that have been made famous by the mainstream media and Hollywood. These instantly recognizable devices can be bought in a variety of designs, according to your preference. You can also buy manual vibrators that are corded and powered via an electrical socket. You might find this to be a bit inconvenient, but know that anything that’s powered by a power cord will be more vigorous and will allow you to stimulate yourself more intensely. A corded device will also be more durable and won’t require a constant supply of batteries, which most handheld devices are known to devour.


    The Beginners Guide To Clitoral Vibrators Amor Dildo Orange


    No matter what your poison and whatever new innovations come into the market, the dildo reigns king. Whether you’re looking to stimulate your entire vagina, your clitoris or even your G-spot, the trusty dildo remains the king of sexual stimulation. And seeing that they’re so easily available, I’ll educate you a bit on the varieties of dildos and other clitoral stimulators you can choose from to get yourself off.


    1. Butterfly Vibrators


    Commonly known as strap-on vibrators, the butterfly vibrator is something that you can wear like a regular pair of underwear and will typically feature a harness that goes around you waste, and sometimes across your butt crack. Unlike conventional strap-ons that are meant for external penetration, a butterfly vibrator’s design is highlighted by the lack of an externally protruding device, and instead features a self-pleasuring vibrator that massages your sweet spot at varying speeds. This type of vibrator gives you a hands-free vibrating stimulation experience that focuses on your clitoris. Butterfly vibrators get their name from the clitoral stimulator that is attached to the strap-on, which in the shape of a butterfly, with wings spread and everything. Some butterfly vibrator designs even feature a fully-insertable shaft that offers both internal and external stimulation, simultaneously.


    1. Classic Vibrators


    Nothing beats this classic clitoral vibrator, which generally features an insertable phallic shaped device that is both small and functional. Although designed for traditional vaginal insertion, you can use these iconic vibrators for direct clitoral stimulation. You will, however, be surprised to know that our trusted classic vibrator was initially marketed as a personal massager that could relieve you of most common aches and pains. The best part about classic vibrators is that they are an inexpensive and convenient way of experimenting with insertable vibrators and are even great for first-timers looking to stimulate their clitoris with the help of an external object.


    The Beginners Guide To Clitoral Vibrators Lelo Smart Wand Plum Demonstration


    1. Double Ended Vibrators


    You’ve probably already heard of and even seen double dildos. So, I’d like to present to you the double vibrator, the double-ended dildo’s automated cousin. These double ended devices contain vibrating motors or even have a fitting where you can hook up a vibrating bullet. With a double ender, you can either hog the entire thing to really take yourself up there. But, if you feel like sharing, you and a friend can use it to stimulate yourselves, proving two heads are always better than one!


    1. Finger Vibrators


    Not so much of a dildo, the finger vibrator has been specially designed to give you maximum control over your desired level of pleasure. A finger vibrator is usually a tiny bullet vibrator hooked onto a sleeve, which you can wear as a ring or slide over your fingertip. Finger vibrators are suitable for both genders to boost penetrative pleasure, allowing you to stimulate your clitoris with your fingers instead on having to hold onto a full-sized vibrator, very convenient.


    The Beginners Guide To Clitoral Vibrators Tenga Vi Bo Orb Magenta Hand Comparison


    1. G-spot Vibrators


    If you’re wondering why you would want a curved clitoral vibrator, take my word and try it, you’ll probably wonder why you would use anything else. A G-spot vibratoris curved so that it can massage and stimulate the most sensitive area of your vagina, the G-spot. You can buy one that features an upward curve and an impressive head, ensuring maximum pleasure while stimulating your sweet spot. If you’re still not convinced, you should know that G-spot stimulation is often linked to female ejaculation and/or squirting. Interested now?


    The Beginners Guide To Clitoral Vibrators Svakom Lisa Wine Red Side Display


    1. Jelly Vibrators


    Another one of the classics, the highly-flexible and meaty vibrators made from the jelly rubber will almost make you think it’s the real thing and are also very easy to maintain. You could buy one that features one of the many bright colors that you usually get them in. Just like the classic vibrator, the jelly vibrator is also a fairly affordable clitoral vibrator and won’t set you back as much as some other.


    1. Magic Wand Vibrators


    The magic wand was either a total misconception or just an incredibly genius idea. This vibrator was originally created and marketed by a number of Japanese companies as back and neck pain reliever. I can only assume that one thing led to another and the magic wand became the most obvious and popular sex toy on the planet! With a large handle headed by a large and soft rubberized tip that contains an effective vibrating motor. If you’re wondering whether such a big device is battery powered, well yes, they are! This allows you to take it with you, wherever you can.


    The Beginners Guide To Clitoral Vibrators Lelo Smart Wand Plum


    Useful Tips


    You’re really not going to get anything special going on down there unless you ensure that you’ve taken a few premeditated measures to ensure that you make the most of your clitoral vibrator:


    1. Get in the Mood


    The first and most important step might not seem to be the most obvious for a lot of people. If you want make sure that you will climax when you masturbate, you have to first get in the mood. The trouble here is that the act of “getting into the mood” is something that differs drastically from person to person. While some just need to lie down in bed or a comfortable surface, might have to endure by having showers or having to use excess lube. I also recommend just doing what feels right, with this one.


    The Beginners Guide To Clitoral Vibrators Gte In The Mood


    1. Privacy


    You’re never going to be truly relaxed and get in the mood if you run the risk of being disturbed, seen, or recorded by anyone who’s around or nearby. If that means that you’re the type that has to wait till their parents, sibling, lover, or anyone is not around, you might want to consider always doing it when they’re away. I also feel that silencing your phone can also offer a certain degree of privacy.


    1. Explore Your Clitoris


    If you really go and explore yourself and learn how to masturbate well enough to give yourself an orgasm, you’re going to need to know your clitoris! If you aren’t already familiar with it it's the small stub of firm skin the gets a bit bigger when you get excited. It's very sensitive, treat it right!


    The Beginners Guide To Clitoral Vibrators Explore The Clitoris


    1. Lubrication


    You might experience trouble getting an orgasm if you’re not excited enough, or you just want to feel more pleasure, I would recommend using lube, and a lot of it. Just remember that there are like a hundred types of lube, and can be water, oil or even fruit-based. You’re going to have to experiment a little to find your preferred choice. You can judge it based on how strong an orgasmyou get when you use the lube with your clitoral stimulator.


    The Beginners Guide To Clitoral Vibrators Intimate Organics Wild Strawberries Lubricant 120ml


    1. Pornography


    Although not for everybody, you might want to consider watching some love porn or “softcore”, while you masturbate if you feel that you don’t get aroused easily. I know a lot of men and women who hate it, so you might want to consult your partner before you indulge. And you never know, if watching porn actually does intensify your experience with clitoral stimulators, go for it!


    The Beginners Guide To Clitoral Vibrators Conclusion



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