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How to Have the Best G-spot Orgasm Ever!

Posted: Jul 16 2015

How to Have the Best G-spot Orgasm Ever! Intro

Do you love to orgasm? If you answer is yes, then I have a secret for you that will give you more intense orgasms and I’m not even selling anything. It’s the g-spot. That is the secret to orgasms that may, quite literally, knock your socks off. G-spot orgasms are not a myth and I want to help you help yourself to discovering what your own body is capable of. So, let’s get started!

What The Heck Is A G-spot?

I realize that some of you may have never heard of a g-spot before, and that’s ok. Everyone has to start somewhere and you are in the right place! The g-spot is basically a spot in your vagina that produces very intense and very good feelings when hit. In fact, you can hit it in such a way that it can cause you to have a female ejaculation, which you may have also heard referred to as “squirting”. Pretty interesting, isn’t it?

Everyone Is Doing It

Ok, I don’t think everyone is actually doing it, but the thing is that everyone can have a g-spot orgasm. It’s not as easy to achieve as a clitoral orgasm, but it is possible. The key is to put pressure with a toy, your fingers or a penis directly on your g-spot in order to get the orgasm going. You’ve got nothing to lose by giving it shot!

Where to Find It

You’re never going to get the orgasm until you find that sucker, so let’s get started! It is located about 1 to 3 inches above the opening of your vagina, on the front wall. It’s probably best to try and find it yourself instead of having your partner do it for you, but there’s no shame in including your partner in this game!

Position Is Everything

One of the most important things to remember on this mission is that position is one of the most important elements. You will need to get your hips and vagina in a position that makes it accessible. Try propping some pillows under your hips in order to raise your pelvis. That way when your partner enters you he will, in theory, thrust continually against your g-spot. And that, my friends, is the key to g-spot orgasms – stimulation!

You could also try a woman on top position. These are nice because you can find the sweet spot and control the stimulation. Take control!

Why Do I Have to Pee?

You probably don’t really have to pee, but you can try if you want. If you get a feeling like you’re going to pee, this is a very good thing! This feeling will pass, and take it as a very positive sign that you are on the right path!

Reaching The Peak Of Mount Orgasm

Finding the g-spot is the easy part of all of this, achieving a g-spot orgasm is much tougher – but not impossible! There’s no step by step instruction manual for this part, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you need to be turned on. Your partner is also going to have to be very gentle and patient with you as you embark on this endeavor. Once you’ve hit the spot it’s going to take some communication in order to find the right pressure and keep the right rhythm in order to get you to orgasm.

Call In The Sex Toys

Sex toys are a game changer when it comes to g-spot orgasms. In fact, there are special vibrators just for the g-spot that apply enough force and pressure to get you to orgasm. Bringing one of these into the bedroom is a great idea. It might help to ease some of the tension or frustrations your partner may feel too while searching for the g-spot.

Shoot For The Stars

No one said it was going to be easy, but believe me when I say that g-spot orgasms will always be worth it. Be patient with yourself, and remember that finding it and getting there is half the fun! No time when you’re getting to know your body better is wasted time, so go forth and find that explosive orgasm!

How to Have the Best G-spot Orgasm Ever! Conclusion

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